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Free-Spending Director Is Out at Housing Finance Agency

cardsThe D.C. Housing Finance Agency has a new leader. Maria Day-Marshall, who previously served as DCHFA General Counsel, is now the interim executive director, the agency just announced.

Conspicuously absent from the announcement? Any mention of Harry Sewell, the outgoing head of DCHFA.

Sewell, as reported by my colleague Will Sommer, was placed on administrative leave earlier this month after Sommer revealed that he'd charged many thousands of dollars of personal expenses to his agency credit card. The charges included things like $1,774.23 at a sushi restaurant and $1,310.00 at a Miami Beach nightclub.

Asked about the circumstances surrounding the end of Sewell's tenure with DCHFA, agency spokesman Lee Whack says by email, "Harry D. Sewell is no longer employed by the Agency. Beyond that this is a personnel matter and we are not in position to discuss it further."

The DCHFA board was known to be considering Sewell's future at the agency, which makes loans to developers of properties containing affordable housing. Sewell's 2012 contract wasn't set to expire until 2015.

This post has been updated to include comment from Lee Whack.

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  • Brahmin

    I have never understood this.

    Anything the job issues to you --is not yours. Use your personnel cell, personnel credit card and other devices.

  • Chris hauser

    Pre severance severance pay.

    That's a lotta fish.

  • Amy

    When is this crook going to jail? How disgusting. I heard how this guy was an arrogant bastard. Good riddance!!!

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