Housing Complex

D.C.’s Most Honest Realtor

A friend of a Washington City Paper staffer came across this ad in the 14th Street NW Peregrine Espresso. Way to own it, Mr. Pike!


  • Pop Tart

    A real estate agent...ooh, ahh...Sr. Vice-President...I'm impressed...Sotheby's...ooh, ahh...how olde money. ..ooh, ahh

    Having been very, very, very "active" in the Logan Circle community for 20+ years I can say I have never been aware of this person doing anything, ever as far as building a community goes. I guess it is is accurate to say that an involvement limited to flipping apartments would be being active in

  • Janson

    Gentrify Dupont? Didn't he already do that? Game, set, match? Or is he talking about bumping it up another notch, to the private airplane owning class. Rather than gentrify, maybe he means aristocratize or something? See you around Paul...

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