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The Rumors Are True: Whole Foods Coming to H Street NE

Rendering with WF Signs 05.28.13

A rendering of the Whole Foods coming to H Street NE

Back in June, I reported on the widespread rumor that a Whole Foods supermarket was coming to the H Street NE site currently occupied by Murry's grocery store and H St. Self Storage. At the time, Trent Smith of Insight Property Group, which is developing the site, confirmed that Insight had been in discussions with Whole Foods but couldn't say anything more about the store's potential arrival.

But now the rumors are confirmed. Whole Foods has signed a lease for the space at 600 H St. NE. The store will be 38,000 square feet and has a target opening date of late 2016. The development will also include 430 housing units.

“This new Whole Foods Market at 6th and H will be more than a store. It will create a gathering place and a retail anchor at the heart of the community for years to come,” says Insight's Richard Hausler in a statement. “That’s what ‘five minute living’ means—walking distance to everything."

The future site of the Whole Foods

The future site of the Whole Foods

The Whole Foods joins a growing array of grocery options in the vicinity. Giant opened a 41,000-square-foot store just three blocks away in May. Just two weeks ago, Whole Foods announced that it was opening a store in the Navy Yard area on New Jersey Avenue SE, less than two miles from the H Street store. The Walmart at 1st and H streets NW—seven blocks from the new Whole Foods—is expected to open before year's end, with an ample grocery section. A Yes! Organic Market was also planned for H Street NE, but those plans fell through in July.

Image via Google Maps

  • NE John

    Excellent. Come to Brookland WF!

  • spirit equality

    An excellent replacement for Murry's, in terms of better selection but also as symbolism for how much the street has changed.

  • Corky

    There goes the neighborhood. lol

  • Quantaviana

    Hell YASSSSSS!!! Now I don't have to go all the way up to Georgetown or Foggy bottom or Friendship Heights. I cannot wait!!!

  • Gourmand

    Too bad they could not have attracted a great store like Wegman's.

    Whole Foods is actually just a rip off marketing stunt aimed at the doesn't know any better set. It is mostly about selling beer and produce that looks good but usually rots before it ripens. Giant is better generally and Trader Joe's is much better for fish etc.

    Good for H Street shoppers they are still near Eastern Market. Whole Foods
    is good for real estate developers, not so good for people who like to eat well.

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  • NE John

    Oh yea? Screw Wegmans.

  • Corky

    I agree with Gourmand. Wegmans would have been a much better choice. It offers both "normal" groceries at prices less than Giant and high end gourmet and "organic" (i.e., overpriced and qucik to spoil) food for those who want to waste their money. Although I like food grown without chemicals, I hate paying twice as much for produce that spoils twice as fast and doesn't necessarily taste any better.

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  • http://westnorth.com PCC

    Wegman's has an entirely different business model, starting with the fact that even its smallest stores are 3X the size of a Whole Foods. That isn't a realistic choice, people.

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  • Hongrrreee in Ward 7

    When it rains, it pours...

  • Will

    Whole Foods is corp-o-ritt!

  • tonya

    So many apartments being built, all over the city. Who can afford the high rents? As one person stated, the street has changed and whole foods would be a nice addition. So, you will whole foods, Giant and Walmart in the area. Nice mix.

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