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Morning Links

ivyOffice market flailing, Capitol Riverfront project switches to residential. [WBJ]

The latest round of McMillan renderings. [UrbanTurf]

Big names line up behind high-speed D.C.-New York rail. [Post]

A roundup of all the changes coming to the Capitol Riverfront. [Hill Rag]

In case you haven't had your fill, more on Ralph Nader's library recalcitrance [Post]

Houseboats start getting moved to prepare for The Wharf. [SWTLQTC]

CityCenterDC hotel looks to be swanky. [WBJ]

Pennsylvania Avenue U-turners undaunted by zebras. [DCist]

Today on the market: Ivy City becomes a selling point


  • Mrs. D

    If Ivy City were *actually* a selling point, that would have been in the headline, rather than trying to call it Brentwood, which it is not (Brentwood is only north of NYA, as the attached map shows). Of course, calling it Brentwood makes it seem like it might be *kind of* near a Metro, or something... Just another typical RE ad trying to make something out of nothing.