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Ice Skating Rink Coming to Shaw

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.07.02 PMAn ice skating rink will open in Shaw this winter, on the site of the Old City Farm and Guild on Rhode Island Avenue NW.

The Lake Shaw Ice Rink is set to open on Dec. 6 and close for the season around Feb. 23, with the latter date depending on the weather. In the spring, the Old City Farm will start up again. Owner Frank Asher closed the Old City Green on 9th Street NW at the end of last year and opened the rechristened Old City Farm and Guild this April at its current location, on the grounds of the shuttered Shaw Junior High School.

Community organizer Lee Granados, who has put together local events like the 17th Street Festival and is leading the ice rink effort, says the details of the rink are still being worked out and sponsorships sought. The organizers have put together a flyer (below) outlining the sponsorship opportunities, which describes the rink as "a creative, outdoor event space that will celebrate the Historic Shaw District through pictures, art, history, food, and fun."

For a mere $75,000, one lucky sponsor can get its company name into the title of the rink, plus lots of other perks. More affordable sponsorships will get a company's name on the food and beverage hut or skate rental hut.

The ice rink will join other rinks at Capitol Riverfront's Canal Park, Georgetown's Washington Harbour, and the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden.

Image from the sponsorship package flyer

  • Jeremey

    File this under "Stuff White People Like and Can Get in Gentrified Shaw". ;)

  • Lynne

    Please, stop! First of all, every affluent “newcomer” to DC is not white. They are not the sole contributors to a wonderful and international city!! Most importantly, for those of you that are misinformed, people of color DO ice skate. Try and see life in a more positive light. Washington DC is a multicultural/multiracial melting pot.

  • kdy202

    haha actually Jeremey is spot on. Ok fine, maybe 5% of the people using the skating rink won't be white gentrifiers. I don't expect to see too many salvadorans, black or indian folks ice skating.

    Not opposed to it at all, it's just true that minorities don't really ice skate or ski. it's being made clearly for one demographic in mind, along with the trendy beer gardens and wine bars.

  • fEDUP

    Gentrifier: Smentrifier. Using cliché terms to address real problems is part of the problem.

    What happened to turning that DPR/DCPS property into a high performing school since Shaw doesn't currently have a high performing neighborhood public school to serve the hundreds of existing families and those moving into the community? And don't even say that the newly rebuilt Dumbar Feeder to Prison is going to be a high performing school.

    And since when can you even sell things on DPR/DCPS property? Something smells rotten in Shaw, but that's nuthin new.

  • Alan

    Enjoy living inside your closed off little minds then. I've gone ice skating with a black friend of mine and we had fun.

    Should we only open things that are of interest to every single person, male and female, young and old, blue and orange, on this planet?

  • Whitey

    Make more money and maybe one day you too can grow up and be a gentrifier. Life is so much better on this side of the fence. Trust me.....

    The ice skating rink sounds great and my honkey-brood and I plan on using it quite a bit :)

  • Lynne

    Kdy202 – And your 5% statistic comes from??? Fact #1: Mabel Fairbanks developed many young figure skaters that eventually did rise to the top. She coached Atoy Wilson, the first African American to win a national event. She also coached Richard Ewell and Michelle McCladdie, who were the first African Americans to win a U.S. Pairs title. Mabel Fairbanks was inducted in the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1997. She was the first African American to receive that honor. Another#2: Deby Thomas was an African American Olympic medal skating champion and Vanessa James and Yannick Bonheur were the first black Canadian figure skating pair in Olympic history. You can’t stop us!!!!! Nor can your loser pal Jeremey. That ice skating rink is for anyone that wants to use the rink.Before you respond, keep in mind that I live in Bethesda and make $$$$. P.S. I have also lived in DC (NW of course).

  • shaw resident

    Well...check out the skate park next door to the proposed ice rink site. The same arguments were made about it a few years back, but if you see who's actually skateboarding there ow, it's a great mix of kids of many races, usually more AA than anything else. And also check out the ice rink on the Mall/sculpture garden. There are plenty of AA kids and families having a great time there every winter. As others have said, try being a little more positive once in a while, and get out of your limited, and limiting, stereotypes!

  • skatingisforeverybody

    Skating is for everyone, young and old, of every ethnicity, income level and even, yes, even religious persuasion. Surf the web to learn more about the amazing contributions of African American skaters in the USA (see Lynne's comment, above), or learn about the Figure Skating in Harlem (NYC) or the Kids on Ice program at Ft. Dupont rink (DC) to get a clue about the wide range of programs and possibilities for those who love to glide on ice.

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