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Morning Links

kaloThe aesthete's case for a very modest change to the Height Act. [Post]

Howard reverses its enrollment decline. [AP]

Today's the last day of the National Aquarium. [WJLA]

Today's the first day of the 1st Street NE improvement process. [Hill Rag]

Get ready for more conferences. [Post]

Muriel Bowser caught parking illegally in Petworth. [New Columbia Heights]

Details on the residential building coming to the 11th Street NW postal site. [SALM]

More details and renderings of Forest City's Yards extension. [WBJ]

Today on the market: Million-dollar condos

  • just saying

    I know it's just a blurb and the City Paper's not really a newspaper, but you know and I know that it's not illegal for a Council Member to park there.

    So rephrase. I suggest "Muriel Bowser parks in otherwise illegal zone in Petworth." However you do it, just don't say she did it illegally.