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Exorbitant Condo of the Week, Snakes and Robots Edition

At a mere $795,000, this is the least exorbitant property to be featured here to date, but it's certainly not the least striking. This one-story Adams Morgan condo boasts nearly 3,000 square feet of space and three bedrooms. But that's not what catches a first-time visitor's eye. That distinction belongs to the serpentine light fixtures, the wall of mirrors, and the friendly robot standing in the corner.

Take a look:







More details at Estately.

Photos courtesy of Estately

  • Alum

    That place is ugly.

  • SEis4ME

    Yes...horribly so!

  • Design for Way Less

    Hmmm? I guess the agent cohldn't convince them to paint everything white. I
    guess in a town where every line cook with pretensions is lauded as a chef this could pass as not utterly dreadful.
    It somehow manages to be devoid of any of the conventions of good taste and design and yet still not be fresh or free. It succeeds in that.
    It also conveys feeling. It makes me sad and depressed. In spite of its vastness it is strangely claustrophobic.

  • http://snake-cages.blogspot.com snake man

    $795,000 wooow very high
    Great movements Lovers snakes