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Swagger-Jacking Alert: The Otis & The Redding Condos

otis reddingRock Creek Realty is hyping two condo buildings in Park View (though the company identifies them as being in Petworth).* The first bears a logical name: It's on Otis Place NW, and it's called The Otis.

The second one is across the street, also on Otis Place. Its name? The Redding.

"Fortis," Rock Creek Realty writes, "a DC-based real estate development and investment company, seized the opportunity to bring the buildings back to life with the name of the legendary musician Otis Redding."

Now, other prominent examples of the so-called swagger-jacking phenomenon at least make some geographic sense. Duke Ellington, whose namesake The Ellington is an apartment building on U Street, lived in D.C. So did Langston Hughes, after whom the Langston Lofts and Busboys & Poets (two of Hughes' professions) are named. But Redding, who was born in Dawson, Ga., and recorded for Memphis-based Stax Records, just happens to share a first name with the street on which the buildings are located.

This swagger, it seems, got jacked at least one step too far.

h/t @kristoncapps

*This post has been updated to clarify that Rock Creek Realty was merely promoting the buildings but has no direct involvement with them. They are being sold and marketed by Urban Pace.

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  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com IMGoph

    Worth noting that Kent Boese has been following this project for a while. Go here and click through some of the links to see the prior condition of the buildings.

  • Urban Dandy

    While I recognize swagger-jacking as a potentialy problematic phenomenon , in this case, it strikes me as a developer's attempt at cleverness/memorability, dictated solely by street name, a la the forthcoming Louie at 14th. Unless you think the Sun King is being swagger-jacked in that case.

  • Hillman

    Good gravy. Does everything in DC have to be about race?

    It's a cutesy attempt by a real estate company to market a building.

    It's not some heinous civil rights violation.

  • name

    If the people of DC spent half the effort making money that they did tracking racial minutiae, this entire town would be paved in gold.

  • SEis4ME

    Was there another article Aaron posted? Where did "race" come into play? Is this a "don't play the race card" preemptive strike or something?

  • Mr.Remember

    Langston Terrace Dwelling in Northeast DC. They should've named it after the television character on the And Griffin Show, Otis the town drunk.

  • Otis Nixon

    You can name it after me.

  • Dan

    This building is being sold and marketed by Urban Pace. Rock Creek Realty has no involvement in the project. If you're interested in learning more about the building or Urban Pace, you can visit urbanpace.com.

  • Chris hauser

    There might be a copyright issue here.

  • Chris hauser

    can names be copyrighted?

  • http://n/a Chuck Howard

    Nice article! However, it failed in representing Otis as it should have! Otis was born in Dawson,Ga only! His entire life was,from an infant with no recollection of Dawson, was spent in Macon,Ga where his music was concieved, developed, and became famous! He just happen to have recorded in Memphis as part of the Stax-Volt Music revolution! At that time(and all during his too short lived career)he lived in Macon,loved Macon,started his family in Macon,and,maintained his roots in Macon.He continued the heritage of "Macon Music" and raised the appreciation for "Soul & R&B started by Macon Legends "Little Richard"& a transplanted James Brown whose major recordings were all made while Brown was a long time resident of Macon......FYI

  • Rosesdc

    Chuck, thanks for the Soul & Roll education. That was interesting! But they can't rename the street Macon since it does not fit in the alpha grid.

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