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Experts Worried Fracking Could Harm D.C. Area’s Water Supply

The U.S. Forest Service is working on a plan for the George Washington National Forest that has some experts concerned for the future safety of D.C.'s drinking water.
Last week, the Forest Service pushed back its release of the plan, which was originally set for late August or early September, to late October or early November. [...]

Is Congress Heights Gentrifying?

Back in June, the Washington Business Journal's Michael Neibauer and I had a little disagreement about a study of D.C. neighborhoods. The study identified 18 neighborhoods that were poorer than the citywide average in 2001 and whose median income and property values have risen faster than the city average since then. Neibauer wrote that these neighborhoods were [...]

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The Southwest Neighborhood Plan gets underway. [SWTLQTC]
Will a remade [...]

America (and Particularly D.C.) Has Passed Peak Driving, Study Finds

Driving in America is on the decline, and D.C. is leading the way.
After a 60-year "driving boom" in which the average American drove more miles each year, that trend has finally reversed in the past decade. One strain of conventional wisdom is that the decline in driving in recent years is due to the recession: [...]

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City sues gas mogul for exclusive-supply agreements. [Post]
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Magic Johnson bought out of [...]

How the D.C. United Stadium Deal Is Worse Than Nationals Park

The conventional wisdom is that the proposed deal to build a D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point—whether you're a true believer or a skeptic—is better than the one that got us Nationals Park. After all, the city paid nearly $700 million to build the baseball stadium, covering nearly all its costs, whereas we'd only be paying [...]

Weighing in the Olympics Games’ Favor: D.C. Can’t Get Its Transit System Together Without Them

Yesterday, I listed five reasons to be wary of D.C.'s bid to host the 2024 Olympics. Today, I'll follow up with one reason to be supportive. In a word: transit.
The Metro is overtaxed, unreliable, and doesn't reach many parts of town. The streetcar is taking forever to get off the ground—and that's just the first [...]

5333 Connecticut Project Sparks Chevy Chase Civil War

Yesterday I wrote about the fierce battle over a planned Chevy Chase development and predicted that last night's Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting on the subject would get pretty heated. I was unable to attend, but fortunately The Georgetown Dish was, and it confirmed my suspicions, and then some.
To bring those who don't follow every detail of [...]

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Steven Chu sells his Chevy Chase home for $1.7 million. [WBJ]
The living wage bill will reach the mayor's desk by Friday. [WJLA]
D.C. drivers are the [...]

Chevy Chase’s Fiercest Development Battle Is Only Heating Up

Well this ought to be fun. I'll be moderating a panel on D.C. development tonight (come!), which means I'll be missing out on what promises to be a deliciously contentious Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting. But I'd encourage anyone in the Chevy Chase neighborhood to stop by.
Here's the back story: Chevy Chase neighbors are very unhappy [...]