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Has D.C.’s Economy Peaked?

The D.C. Office of the Chief Financial Officer just sent out its monthly economic trend report, and it's a bleak one. The title of the July 2013 report says it all: "Is the DC economy stalling?"
"Employment in the District of Columbia has stopped growing in recent months, according to seasonally-adjusted employment and labor force data [...]

In Stadium Deal, Reeves Center Swap Is a Fraction of the Battle

Mayor Vince Gray used his weekly radio address on WNEW yesterday to tout the benefits to the city of the deal to bring a new D.C. United soccer stadium to Buzzard Point. And his focus was on the land swaps that will allow the city to assemble the land for the stadium without incurring huge costs.
"The [...]

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Dear D.C. Council: Please add more traffic [...]

Developer: Cash, Not Additional Land, Would Go to District in Reeves Center Swap

I reported yesterday that the city could stand to make a healthy profit on a land swap involving the Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center as part of the deal for a new D.C. United stadium. The proposed deal would have the District trade the aging government office building at 14th and U streets NW to [...]

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A "museum in reverse" [...]

City Could See Big Bucks in Reeves Center Swap

A key component of the deal to bring a D.C. United soccer stadium to Buzzard Point involves a major land swap with developer Akridge. The proposal is that Akridge would give D.C. a parcel of land it owns on the future stadium site, and in exchange D.C. would give Akridge the Frank D. Reeves Municipal [...]

The D.C. United Deal, in Pictures

So the big development deal between the city, D.C. United, and several landowners to bring a new soccer stadium to Buzzard Point is officially underway. The Office of the City Administrator has posted the term sheet of the arrangement between the District and the team. But what's a bunch of fine print next to some [...]

Has the Reeves Center Become a Second Hoover Building?

There's lots to unpack in the reported deal to build a D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point: the implications for the riverfront neighborhood, the potential pitfalls following criticism of the city's (more expansive) funding of nearby Nationals Park, the ability to pull off all the necessary swaps and arrangements, etc. But one aspect that [...]

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D.C. is apparently less hard-working than half of Texas. [DCist]
Zebras (the traffic kind) [...]

Report: City to Swap Reeves Center to Bring D.C. United to Buzzard Point

Well this is about as big as development deals get. The Washington Post reports that Mayor Vince Gray's mysterious "major announcement" tomorrow will involve a deal to build a new D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point. Here are the key facts:

D.C. provides about $150 million in cash and land swaps to assemble the land [...]