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D.C.’s Best and Worst Schools by Math and Reading Proficiency

pp_kyahenderSo D.C.'s schools are improving: In the past year, D.C. Public Schools and public charter school students averaged a 3.9 percent increase in math proficiency and a 4.1 percent increase in reading proficiency, according to the 2013 District of Columbia Comprehensive Assessment System. Those are the biggest gains in the system since 2008.

“Our approach, with great educators in every building and strong curriculum in all our schools, is working and we’re on the right track," said DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson at the CAS rollout this morning. "I’m very proud of our progress, I’m encouraged by our gains, and I’m excited for the work ahead.”

But how are students actually performing? At some schools, quite well; at others, still very poorly. You can scour the data on the Office of the State Superintendent of Education's website. If you fear chart fatigue, here's a list of the top 10 and bottom 10 schools by math and reading proficiency:

1. Benjamin Banneker High School: 100 percent
2. Mamie D. Lee School*: 100
3. School Without Walls: 97.3
4. Sharpe Health School*: 95
5. Janney Elementary School: 92.5
6. Lafayette Elementary School: 92.2
7. DC Prep Public Charter School, Edgewood Middle Campus: 91.6
8. McKinley Tech: 91.1
9. Key Elementary School: 89.9
10. Mann Elementary School: 89.5

1. Mamie D. Lee School*: 100
2. School Without Walls: 99.3
3. Benjamin Banneker High School: 96.1
4. Janney Elementary School: 94.2
5. Mann Elementary School: 91.6
6. Key Elementary School: 91.3
7. Lafayette Elementary School: 90.1
8. Sharpe Health School*: 90
9. St. Colletta*: 85.2
10. Ross Elementary School: 83

1. Washington Metropolitan High School: 5.2
2. Luke Moore Alternative High School: 7.5
3. Drew Elementary School: 12
4. Maya Angelou Evans Campus Public Charter School: 12.7
5. Moten Elementary School: 12.8
6. Aiton Elementary School: 13
7. Prospect Learning Center*: 16.2
8. Dunbar High School: 16.8
9. Ferebee Hope Elementary School: 17.1
10. Spingarn High School: 17.2

1. Prospect Learning Center*: 10.8
2. Luke Moore Alternative High School: 11.3
3. Ballou High School: 13.4
4. Moten Elementary School: 14.5
5. Patterson Elementary: 15
6. Garfield Elementary School: 15.6
7. Options Public Charter School: 15.8
8. Drew Elementary School: 16
9. Hendley Elementary School: 17.1
10. Booker T. Washington Public Charter School: 17.5

* designates schools for students with disabilities.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • lovessoldier

    Now let's correlate the arrests of DC youth with their schools. Willing to bet you are not going to find many Banneker students committing crimes.
    Public Charter schools are not faring much better. DC continues to put money into ensuring the residents are comfortable. How about teaching the kids employable skills like reading & math so they don't have to rob, loot and use those idle hands by hurting those they THINK took over...

  • Big Daddy2

    These are the preliminary results -- let's wait for the report on the erasures from wrong to right that indicates cheating :)

  • Mr.Remember

    Per DCPS crime report Eastern has the highest crime activity and Ballou is among the lowest. That blows that theory doesn't it lovessoldier?

  • lovessoldier

    Mr. Remember - How exactly does that blow the theory when Ballou is on the lowest for reading and Eastern isn't even listed for either (which also touts one of the highest TRUANCY rates in the area)? Spingarn is the closest school to Eastern and you see where it is on the list? Check your stats and get back at me since I missed your point... My POINT - IF kids are RECEIVING a quality education, crime rates are reduced. When you know better, you do better. Remember THAT...

  • Asuka

    Why does DCPS lump its different grades into one metric? Note that about half of the best performing schools in both categories are elementary schools. That's great, but the 10th grade test is the most critical measurement of the school's overall ability to teach. DCPS knows this, and yet willfully commingles the data. It's just another version of their cheating scandal, except this one apparently goes unchallenged by the media and the public.

  • DC Guy

    It should be an outrage that any school is performing at under 75%. The fact that no one seems to be upset about 5% and 15% scores is appalling.

  • NE John

    5%! Seems to me like those kids have mental disabilities (but even "as high as" 30% would). For Pete's sake, close those schools and kick those kids out of DC.

  • Northwesterner

    I'm not sure it makes statistical sense to compare elementary schools and high schools AND schools for developmentally disabled students in the same chart. Once again, Aaron Weiner shows that he is uneducated on basic math concepts. I literally challenge any reader to find one of Weiner's articles that doesn't have mathematical or statistical errors of some kind.

  • name

    I'm really not sure what you can do with large groups of kids who score below 15% in proficiency. These are dumb and supremely self absorbed kids that aren't ever going to be smart no matter how much money and how many concerned adults get involved in their lives. They're basically wasted carbon at this point. Their is no redemption for a teenager that has a 5% proficiency rate in reading and writing by high school. You can't fix that; it's lost.

    These groups are always going to have to hustle and steal to put food in their mouths because they're never going to be able to read a job application or figure out a W-4. They're really not even qualified to work in the trades, because you need a basic level of initiative, ability to understand directions, and willingness to work hard to participate in these fields. Even with DCPS watered down standards, these kids are demonstrating that they're actively trying NOT to learn. It's abysmal, but it's reflective of the types of individuals they really are and the families in which they were raised. Unfortunately, they're beyond shaming.

    These kids are so dumb, the existing VOTECH (McKinley/Phelps) DC offers are beyond their capability.
    It would be better to start weeding them out of the educational process now and teach them how to repoint brickwork, do nails and hair, and dig up obsolete parking lots (RFK). Putting them in school is just wasting their and their teacher's time and resources.

    Jesus. I wonder if these kids are even eligible for the military. I'm guessing not.

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