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The D.C. United Deal, in Pictures

So the big development deal between the city, D.C. United, and several landowners to bring a new soccer stadium to Buzzard Point is officially underway. The Office of the City Administrator has posted the term sheet of the arrangement between the District and the team. But what's a bunch of fine print next to some pretty pictures?

Here's a visual guide to the deal:

First, the end product—a 20,000- to 25,000-seat soccer stadium that will keep D.C. United in town:

Here's where the stadium will be. (Note: North = left):

But there's more in play. In order to put together the land for the stadium deal, the District needs to acquire some property on the future stadium site. Part of that property is owned by the developer Akridge, and the city aims to obtain it in a swap for the Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center at 14th and U streets NW. The Reeves Center will then be relocated to Anacostia. Got your head spinning? Here's a map of the moving pieces:

Here's what the new Reeves Center might look like:

And here's the mixed-use development that could replace the old Reeves Center at the very desirable corner of 14th and U:

Images via the Office of the City Administrator

  • Elayne

    Why couldn't they just redevelop RFK Stadium? Wouldn't that make more sense than these property swaps?

  • http://westnorth.com PCC

    @Elayne: because just tearing down RFK would require lots of cash, which the District does not have. Now, developing a new soccer stadium next to RFK, that might be within the purview of the team.

  • http://tsarchitect.nsflanagan.net/ цarьchitect

    Is HKS the architect for all of the projects, or just the stadium?

  • Just me

    Can't say I am a fan of the orientation of the building as shown. The most dramatic features are on the 14th & V corner not 14th & U, where they would be seen from multiple perspectives.

    The new building at the Reeves location absolutely needs to be built as mixed-use office space to replace the customer base that will be lost with the departure of the government office presence.

    I also heard that the S Street Department of Rec warehouse is on the table. This one concerns me a bit more as it lies between a number of residences and the 14th street frontage. There is alley reconfiguration that needs to be done to improve rear access to 14th as everything deadends right now. Are there proposals being floated for that land.

    I also heard a $5 million figure listed for the land appraisal, which seems ridiculously low.

  • Ward4forever

    The Mayor's office is lying. The plan is to build a huge mega-stadium for Dan Snyder. Where? At the RFK site. In order to do that, Gray needed to find a stadium for DC United, which currently uses RFK. But the Mayor failed to mention that.

    The DC press is letting the Administration get away with this.

  • yoyo

    @Elayne This question comes up quite often. RFK sits on federal land and is owned by the federal government who leases it out to the city for sporting events.

    It is a complicated agreement but in short, any change to this agreement including rebuilding the stadium would require permission form congress which seems very unlikely.


    This is another project that by completion will come at DC taxpayer expense, property swaps, tax-breaks, cost overruns on the new building in SE, etc. Why can't DC develop some parking garages ala Mont County so residents can shop downtown as opposed to taking tax dollars to MD & VA where shopping and parking and dining are convenient? This city not only does not have municipal parking but few private lots. Oh how great it would be to replace all the corrupt backward thinking council and Mayor and replace them with people who listen to constituents as opposed to listen to those who are willing to bribe. Maybe term limits are the answer or reducing the pay for these part-time positions.

  • JohnCook

    To WARD4FOREVER: How can you tell the mayor's office is lying? See if their lips move....