Housing Complex

Morning Links

Who could say no to this Walmart poll on the living wage bill? [Loose Lips]

Buy a condo, get free hoagies. [Y&H]

Bringing the FBI to Poplar Point would have to start with a $60 million down payment. [WBJ]

The D.C. housing market is "technically unaffordable." [CNBC]

Pay $1 million to live at a murder scene. [Georgetown Metropolitan]

Pissed at utilities in D.C.? Be glad you don't live in Prince George's County. [DCist]

Not just parking: Zoning rewrite changes also restrict corner stores. [GGW]

Thirty-six condos coming to Park View. [ElevationDC]

Get ready for the Walter Reed bonanza. [Post]

Heat poses serious risk to homeless. [WJLA]

Bring back Cleveland Park's super-wide sidewalks. [GGW]

Increasing condo supply will soon come into balance with demand. [UrbanTurf]

Good news: D.C.'s apartment rents are only the fourth most expensive in the country. [WBJ]

Today on the market: U Street corridor coop that won't break the bank

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    Re: affordability.

    Cities are not states, no matter how small the state is. Housing is extremely affordable in Baltimore and much of PG County. The distance between DC and Baltimore is the same distance coast to coast of Oahu.

    Housing is always expensive in places people want to live.