Housing Complex

Morning Links

Unnamed sources say Mayor Vince Gray will veto living wage bill. [@tomsherwood]

Capitol Gateway may fall apart if Walmart pulls out. [@Sherrie]

Is D.C. strong enough to take on Walmart? [Atlantic Cities]

D.C.'s weakening apartment market is about supply, not demand. [WBJ]

Bidding wars are falling off in D.C. [Redfin]

Social media uproar ends policy against photographing building permits. [GGW]

Some neighbors upset as The Coupe plans sidewalk invasion. [New Columbia Heights]

A tiny house update [UrbanTurf]

Judge tells landlord to restore power or face jail time. [WJLA]

Today on the market: Spacious 1BR by Van Ness Metro

  • http://www.asma.com.pl/ mieszkania poznan wilda

    Great wooden floor! But why the picture is so little? I cannot see anything :/

  • Anon2

    i dont understand the WBJ story. If regional absorption is under 5,000 units, and even after the current surge there will be over 8,000 units a year delivering, how is demand still in excess of supply? Does that mean that supply still hasnt caught up with the surge in demand in earlier years? that could be, but then why would rents INCREASE in 2016 even as supply continues to catch up with demand? Only rationale is declining UE, but UE is already low in DC area - UE decling in other cities shouldn't increase rents in metro DC.