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Grocery Invasion Continues: Natural Market Coming to 14th Street

Add one more to the grocery count. This morning, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration posted an application for a liquor license at a grocery store coming to 2400 14th St. NW, the upscale Capitol View apartment building. The store, called Natural Market, will feature "organic and locally grown produce, meats, nutritious foods, and eco household products," according to the application. The food court will include a bakery, deli, and sushi bar.

JBG Rosenfeld Retail included a "natural market" in the building information on their website, but hadn't released additional details about the market.

The store will be the latest in a slew of grocery options coming to so-called Mid City. So let's add it to the map. Green=existing, red=coming/proposed, and the blue star is the Natural Market. Here's where things stand:

Correction: This post initially misstated the address of the new grocery store. It's 2400 14th St. NW, not 2000 14th St. NW. It also stated that the JBG Companies developed the building. The developer was UDR; JBG Rosenfeld Retail is managing the retail. I apologize for the errors.

  • Eric

    The Giant on H street opened a few weeks ago. That should be green.

  • Johnny

    This is great and all but it's right by Yes, The new Traders. Close enough to P street whole foods. When will CH around the Metro get a more High End grocery. We have a generic Giant. an no frills safeway on Columbia RD. We were supposed to get a whole foods but DCUSA ruined it by denying them dedicated parking. May I remind you their precious lot sits two thirds empty at all times. And then DCUSA had Ellwoods back out. There is a real demand in this immediate area for more organics. Giant isn't ever going to fill that void. And yet it seems like other areas are just saturated.

  • Eric

    ya know, i never really got the fascination with Trader Joe's. Its all prepacked stuff, and the produce is mediocre. The only thing that is useful is their prepackaged vegetarian stuff. I find more utility in an organic market or someplace like H-mart or Lotte.

  • PDT

    If you are talking about the Capital View on 14, it was developed by UDR not JBG.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/housingcomplex/ Aaron Wiener

    Thanks, PDT. Corrected.

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