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For a Few Dollars More

After a few years of tightening purse strings, the D.C. Council passed a record $12.1 billion budget last week—about $800 million more than the 2013 budget—with a final vote scheduled for June 18. The new cash comes courtesy of the District’s growing population, which has increased the city’s income and sales tax bases and driven up home values; personal income, employment, and property tax receipts are all projected to rise in 2014. Though a slowdown in federal spending looms over the District’s financial fortune, right now the budget is nothing but good news for plenty of constituencies, including advocates for the homeless, advocates against teen pregnancy, and fans of the Circulator, all of which will see more funding for FY 2014, which begins on Nov. 1. Here’s a rundown of a few of the recipients of the District’s newfound riches.

Graphic by Carey Jordan

  • http://susiecambria.blogspot.com Susie Cambria

    Thanks for this high-level graphic. What stands out to me are the earmarks - for Wendt and the animals (there is only one that can do the job). Nothing against the organizations, but I am terribly concerned that the DC Council is returning to earmarking. If the council wants services provided, they should be competitively bit. Alternatively, the expenditures should comply with the OCP sole source contracting rules that require a lengthy process and demonstration that the sole source is uniquely qualified to provide said service and get paid for it.

  • http://susiecambria.blogspot.com Susie Cambria

    One small correction: FY 2014 starts on October 1, not November 1.

    (As the Amish say, only God is perfect)!

  • Typical DC BS

    Funny how there was no thought whatsoever about reducing taxes. Typical Democratic way of thinking - they can spend the money far better than the taxpayers.

  • drez

    Would be more useful as a pie or bar chart.
    Putting Bike Share in huge font at the top when it's relative funding level earns it 5th-page status is pure instigating.

  • Key

    As long as the city is going to be spending a boatload of money to underground utility lines can we kill two birds with one stone and get the city wired for Verizon FIOS or better yet Google Fiber???

  • Nick in Lamond

    Would love to see something that breaks out the costs of different things and shows their relative size. Kind like this: http://www.timeplots.com/collections/catalog/products/death-and-taxes-poster-2014

  • http://www.wendtcenter.org Michelle Palmer

    Dear Susie and other concerned citizens,

    Just to clarify, the Wendt Center did NOT receive an earmark. We understand that we were identified in the Mayor's budget, however, we have never received an earmark and in fact recently submitted our application for funds through the District's competitive process, as we have always done.

    Thank you for allowing me to clarify.

    Michelle Palmer
    Executive Director
    Wendt Center for Loss and Healing