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Renderings of the Lone Proposal for Hill East

For a host of reasons, the city's call for developer proposals for the riverfront site known alternatively as Hill East and Reservation 13 got only one response, from Donatelli Development and Blue Skye Development. On Wednesday, that team presented its proposal to neighbors who are frustrated by the slow progress on Hill East but grateful to the one team that did bother to respond.

The proposal—which reflects the city's decision to start with just two parcels near the Stadium-Armory Metro station—is for a mixed-use retail/residential development consisting of two buildings and a widened 19th Street SE with a public space in the median. As laid out, all the retail is on 19th Street, though the developers expressed openness to moving some to adjacent streets so as not to deaden the sides and back of the site and make development of the remainder of Hill East less appealing.

The city will take neighbors' comments into consideration and then decide whether to move forward with this proposal. For now, these designs are all we've got for Hill East, so let's take a look, courtesy of some images shared by the developers.

Here's the site plan:

And a few renderings of the developed site:

  • hilleaster

    It's okay I guess. It's a little generic looking but as someone who lives 2 blocks away from the s--thole that is Res13 I am elated that someone, anyone (other than Dan Snyder), wants to build something there and that the city might actually let them.

    Will it actually happen? Of course not, don't be silly. As you said in the article, Mayor Gray won't actually have to do any work to keep this from going forward. Why? Because of my neighbors.

    When it comes to putting the kibosh on any development no group is more reliable than the curmudgeons of Hill East. These are the same folks that intrepedly fought against the installation of a Cabi station at Lincoln Park because it would bring crime and noise, voiced concerns about the crepe restaurant and pretzel bakery on 15th St. SE attracting gang activity, and objected to a 4 story, 8-unit condo building as a "tower". Not to mention the Hine development which is apparently doomed because it lacks the victorian charm of the old middle school. To call my neighbors NIMBYs would be doing them a favor, because they want to control what happens in everyone's backyard.

    I wish this development was something more like the old proposal. I wish it had a Wegmans, a health clinic and some cool restuarants. But I would take a damn CVS at this point. Between Vince Gray and the neighbors, it's clear this place is going nowhere.

    Prove me wrong, DC, prove me wrong.

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  • dcgent

    Well, have hope--your neighbors aren't too effective in the end. The park has its CaBi station, the pretzel shop is a year old and popular (not sure it makes money), the crepe place closed due to an internal spat not neighbors, and the Hine development is approved (and that's not close to Hill East). We need the 500 future residents on this site to push the rest of the area's redevelopment

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