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And people are buying way more million-dollar homes. [WBJ]

Mary Cheh thinks her bill for more ANC input isn't a huge deal; developers disagree. [UrbanTurf]

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The United States Institute of Peace wants to move Constitution Avenue 'cause, you know, noise. [NBC4]

A temporary food, drink, and games operator may open up shop near Nationals Park. [WBJ]

Today on the market: Petworth doesn't have to be pricey

  • Actually

    Cheh's comments in defense of her NIMBY Empowerment Act of 2013 are truly astonishing; she clearly has no idea what the impacts of her bill will be.

  • name

    It's clear from her actions and reasoning that Mary Cheh has benefited substantially from social promotion programs in her educational path and probably a healthy supply of unearned money to grease skids.

    That's not to bash people from wealthy households or who are provided advantages, but there's a danger in learning the wrong lessons as a result of having your path paved for you. The lack of calloused hands and unblemished track records leads one to draw idealistic conclusions about how life works.

    The woman appears to have never been forced to work an honest day's work in her life and it shows in her reasoning.

  • neil lewis

    web comments demonstrate the abundance of jerks and cowards amongst us like the valiant anonymous commenter "name."
    he writes that mary cheh benefited from coming from a wealthy household with advantages of unearned money. how does this person -- afraid to attach his or her name to the comments -- come by this knowledge?
    actually ms. cheh did not grow up as the commenter asserts; her father was an hourly-wage factory worker (who died from a cancer contracted from his work in a chemical factory); her sister is the widow of a local new jersey cop killed in the line of duty; her brother was a paratrooper in vietnam and just retired as a truckdriver. she has neither sought to hide her background nor to exploit it politically. actually she got where she is by being very smart and working very hard.
    and that includes many menial jobs to pay for huge student loans. tho' she is in her 60's it wasn't that long ago that she managed to retire all those loans. she became a law professor rather than stay on a path to a lucrative partnership in a major dc law firm.
    no one paved a path for her as the commenter claims.
    but that person who bravely listed his/her name as "name" never has to be accountable for disseminating such crap.