Housing Complex

Morning Links

Donald Trump talks big on the Old Post Office project. [City Desk]

D.C.'s libraries can't take the heat. [DCist]

Anacostia will soon have its very own totem pole Journey to Anacostia. [Arts Desk]

A dead body was found in the Tidal Basin. [WJLA]

How does D.C. stack up against other global cities on cost of living? [Expatistan]

Renderings and news from the Capitol Riverfront. [JDLand]

D.C.'s laws are now available to all. [GGW]

Walmarts march forward. [WBJ]

Today on the market: Glover Park for under $200k

  • duh

    so somebody's body is found in the tidal basin and this reporter makes a joke? truly tasteless.

  • Shaw

    Seriously CityPaper?? The man who was found in the Tidal Basin this morning is somebody's son. Somebody's brother. Somebody's boyfriend or husband or best friend. If the police found Aaron Wiener dead in the Tidal Basin, do you really think his mom would want to read something so tasteless and just plain rude on the very day he died?

    I've noticed some missing tact in recent weeks in the headlines on here. If Housing Complex is just going to keep posting this kind of trashy headline with no journalistic value, please do us all a favor and just make a formal announcement so we know not to read it anymore. Lydia would NEVER have written something like that...

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/housingcomplex/ Aaron Wiener

    It was meant to sound grim, not jokey. Clearly didn't come across that way. Changed now. Thanks for your comments.