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Out, Damned Spot! How D.C.’s Onerous Parking Requirements Slow Development

Last Wednesday, representatives of the Office of Planning held a private meeting with developers and community leaders in Anacostia to discuss how to create a bustling retail zone in the Ward 8 neighborhood. Assisting them was something called the D.C. Vibrant Retail Streets Toolkit, a document prepared for the Office of Planning by the Bethesda-based [...]

Plenty of Fireworks at Walmart, Er, “Large Retailer” Bill Hearing

Anyone concerned with the state of participatory democracy in America would do well to tune into the ongoing D.C. Council hearing on the Large Retailer Accountability Act of 2013, better known as the Walmart living wage bill. The measure, which would require retailers that bring in at least $1 billion a year and have a [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Future Edition

Upper Northwest D.C. has its share of $4 million houses. Rarer are $4 million houses that don't yet exist.
Enter 2939 49th St. NW. For $3,995,000, the lucky buyer gets a McMansionesque exterior and a customizable interior. Want six bedrooms or eight? A living room with a fireplace or without? It's up to you.
The house, with [...]

Slideshow: A Sneak Preview of the Chinatown Walgreens

A Walgreens opening isn't typically big news, but this one's generating more than the usual share of hoopla. The new flagship store opening Thursday at Chinatown's main intersection of 7th and H streets NW will feature three stories, a health clinic with two consultation rooms, a barista-operated "Upmarket Cafe," a smoothie bar, a frozen yogurt [...]

Morning Links

Eisenhower Memorial debate gets heated [New York Times]
"Inside the Beltway" would be a pretty big, not-all-that-dense city. [GGW]
Barry Farm rec center breaks ground tomorrow. []
A D.C. minimum-wage earner has to work 132-hour weeks to afford an average two-bed apartment. [DCist]
New plans for a condo building at 14th and W NW [UrbanTurf]
Cherry blossom peak now expected [...]

Howard Will Build Two Big Dorms on 4th Street NW

For our Education Issue last month, I wrote about Howard University's dilemma as it finds itself sitting on valuable vacant lots: take them to the bank by allowing private, profitable development there, or convert them into much-needed student housing or other facilities that don't make money but do improve campus life?
Today, Howard announced a big [...]

Morning Links

NextBus DC is back, as iCommute DC. [Post]
Don't be alarmed by that weird smell in your tap water; DC Water is disinfecting. [DCist]
Beware stampeding elephants on these roads today. [Google Maps]
The block around North Capitol and M is getting disconcertingly violent. [WJLA]
What's better than Metro? Super Metro. [DCist]
D.C. will blow away last year's record haul [...]

Hold the Histrionics: D.C.’s Growth Is Actually Pretty Good

The hysterics that began with a January New York Times piece suggesting that D.C.'s boom was coming to an end with declining federal spending reached their logical extreme last week with a Washington Post story on the declining population growth in the region. "It is the twilight hour," the Post wrote, "of a remarkable phase in [...]

Morning Links

Boy, Canal Park sure is great. [Post]
D.C.'s new sister city couldn't be more appropriate. [DCist]
Architect group stands up for Frank Gehry's maligned Eisenhower memorial design. [WJLA]
What spring holds in store for the housing market [UrbanTurf]
2013 Bike DC ride can't secure permits, won't happen. [WABA]
The layout that attracts homebuyers [Post]
Liquor license moratorium gets frosty reception at [...]

Morning Links

D.C. and NPS look to revamp Franklin Park. [WBJ]
New 16th Street NW buses will run between Columbia Heights and downtown. [GGW]
A look at the coming Lamond-Riggs residential development. [Examiner]
Renters rule in D.C., more so than anywhere but New York, Seattle, and Boston. [Zillow]
NPS will hold a public meeting on the future of Anacostia Park. [WashCycle]
What [...]