Housing Complex

An Eviction in Adams Morgan

The scene at 2409 18th St. NW right now looks like an eviction in reverse: a team of men bringing heaps of furniture from the street curb into a mostly vacant-looking building. But it's actually just the aftermath of a run-of-the-mill eviction. According to the head of the eviction crew, who declined to give his name, the first- and third-floor spaces were both cleared this morning following eviction notices. The second-floor business, a foot massage shop, needed to be cleared as well in order to complete the eviction proceedings, he said, but the massage shop is still in good standing, and its furniture is now being returned.

The eviction chief said he supposed the eviction was occurring for failure to pay rent, though no one on the scene could confirm the circumstances of the eviction. The D.C. courts online system is currently down, and a court spokeswoman was not immediately able to pull up any records of an eviction for the address.

According to multiple people on the scene, the first- and third-floor businesses had both ceased to operate. The third floor was home to a tattoo shop, Ink N' This Tattoo; the eviction chief said the first floor appeared to have pizza-shop equipment. (There are online listings for a former restaurant called House of Philly at the address.)

Update: The D.C. courts spokeswoman has now turned up one case involving the address, but it's a small claims case against Nexus Global LLC, which has a listed principal address in Delaware but a registered agent at 2409 18th St. NW, Suite 300. That case appears to have been closed in 2012. Which is to say: Still no word on the eviction. If you've got any info, pass it along!

  • duh

    why is this newsworthy?

  • grumpy

    I think this is very interesting - I would have thought that the eviction "crew" would need to bring the appropriate paperwork with them to prove that they have the authority to carry out the eviction and verification of who the target of the eviction order is. Can anyone just show up, say they have orders to evict you, and proceed to carry all of your belongings out of the building that you rent in? Does a federal marshal need to be present, or is that only for residential evictions?

  • Dan

    Federal marshals need to be on hand along with the owner/manager or someone representing the owner. Someone has to sign the writ. Something wrong here.

  • joan

    This isn't new, this is how the US Marshal Service operates.
    They just simply get away with it, because their mind set is, we're law enforcement, who's going to stop us!