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Today on the market: The trolley bump begins

  • Alf

    I'm all for more bike lanes, but Comrade Che(h)'s suggestion to add them in the middle of Connecticut Avenue is the looniest idea in quite a while. First of all, I assume that she means Conn. above Florida Ave., because south of there Conn. has a planted median (part of which was installed only recently). Then there's the pesky matter of the tunnel under the circle, which is wide enough for only two traffic lanes in each direction with no shoulders. Above Woodley Park, Conn. Ave. has a reversible lane. There's talk about getting rid of that for safety reasons, but putting bike lanes in the middle would be unsafe for cyclists. Unlike Pa. Ave between the White House and the Capitol, where traffic is definitely calmer, Conn. Ave. is a major commuter arterial, with fast moving traffic (except at rush hour, but then cars are toggling back and forth for advantage). Unless the plan is to reduce the number of cyclists through fatal attrition, a center bike lane on Conn. Ave. is a bad idea.