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Slideshow: A Sneak Preview of the Chinatown Walgreens

A Walgreens opening isn't typically big news, but this one's generating more than the usual share of hoopla. The new flagship store opening Thursday at Chinatown's main intersection of 7th and H streets NW will feature three stories, a health clinic with two consultation rooms, a barista-operated "Upmarket Cafe," a smoothie bar, a frozen yogurt stand, a Roman-style cupula on the second-floor ceiling (see if you can spot George Washington), and, I'm told, a very impressive selection of lipstick.

Even before its opening, the store's generated some controversy. Walgreens attempted to transfer its alcohol license from its West End store to the new location so it can sell wine and beer, but that can't come through until March 28. But lest the store be forced to get by for a week without booze, the Council has taken steps to provide a temporary license. For now, as you can see below, the "cold beer" section is dry as a bone.

Walgreens is doing media tours all day today, but I got a sneak peek at the store yesterday. Click on the photo below to see what it looks like.

  • David T

    A pharmacy with windows to the street! Yay!

  • DC_LovesU

    I know CVS is mad they gave up that spot now.

  • http://www.washingtondcevangelists.com/ Washington DC Evangelists

    Giving a liquor license to Walgreens is really bad news for Chinatown - and for the police department, tourists & locals who don't want to put up with people trying to get drunk before they go into the bars, Verizon Center, etc. There are going to be more beer bottles around the metro stations and in the back alleys. More pan handlers. More crime. More crime around or near the Walgreen's. More gangs hanging out. More teenagers hanging out. And much, much more.

    As for DC street preachers and evangelists, you would think this is good for us - but it's not - it's harder to convey our message to those who are drunk or high. With this new license - we all are going to see more of both.

  • Mrs. D

    I will make sure that I am thoroughly drunk whenever there is a high probability of running into evangelists from now on. Thanks for the tip on how to make myself impervious to your shouting!

    I'll probably just use the bars to accomplish this, though. Those alleys are SO uncomfortable!

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  • Mrs. Flanders

    Think of the street evangelists! Won't somebody think of the street evangelists?!?