Housing Complex

Morning Links

A quarter of the country's "megacommuters" live in the D.C. area. [Post]

Looking to the future of D.C. transit. [GGW]

An affordable housing success story near U Street NW. [UrbanTurf]

More than 80 percent of the requests DDOT receives are for broken meters. [DCist]

Realtor in Arlington caught stealing woman's underwear. [Examiner]

Congress will address biking infrastructure tomorrow. [Borderstan]

A look at the recruiting success of D.C.'s public and charter schools [Atlantic Cities]

Turning a $50k Anacostia rowhouse into a minipalace. [UrbanTurf]

Today on the market: Renovated River Terrace rowhouse

  • Colin

    Not sure why that condo near U Street should be considered a success story. So someone who makes $60K -- which is not starving -- can get a condo for wildly cheaper than others in the building -- how is that a success or fair? Why are others not as deserving?