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D.C. Landlords Discriminate a Lot Less Than They Used To

Think it's hard to find housing in the District? Try doing it on a Section 8 voucher.
The approximately 11,000 low-income D.C. residents on housing choice vouchers, which cover their rent beyond the 30 percent of their income that they pay, face persistent discrimination from landlords and property managers. According to a study released yesterday by [...]

Anacostia Playhouse Construction Is Good to Go, With an Assist From the Mayor

After weeks of regulatory battles and legislative debate, the Anacostia Playhouse has its building permit—just not as a playhouse (yet).
The Playhouse, scheduled to open in June, was forced to stop construction work because it didn't have a building permit, and it couldn't get a building permit because, through an arcane rule requiring a minimum number [...]

Mendelson Proposes Work-Around for Anacostia Playhouse

Last week, with the scheduled opening of the Anacostia Playhouse threatened by the need to obtain a variance from the parking requirements in the zoning code, D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson declined to consider emergency legislation that would have allowed construction on the Playhouse to go forward in advance of zoning approval. Now, Mendelson just [...]

Cheh Considers Bill That Would Give ANCs More Input on Residential Buildings

Advisory neighborhood commissioners rejoice, developers beware: Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh is considering introducing legislation to give ANCs a chance to weigh in on matter-of-right residential buildings.
Currently, ANCs provide input on building projects that require a change to or exemption from the zoning code, as well as certain large commercial and mixed-use projects that trigger [...]

Morning Links

The mayor's budget proposal is full of transportation goodies. [GGW]
Crestwood vacation rental runs into trouble with neighbors, and the law. [DCist]
Living near Nationals Park is expensive. [UrbanTurf]
Apparently this is something of a trend. [Atlantic Cities]
Basketball's also good for our economy. [WJLA]
D.C.'s suffering from the lack of a school buildings plan. [Examiner]
Douglas Development plans a makeover [...]

DMPED Shifting Focus From Real Estate to Business

Mayor Vince Gray's budget proposal, released this morning, appears to contain two contradictory trends for the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development: The office's funding would get a substantial boost, while the number of projects it will complete is expected to decline steadily over the next few years.
DMPED, under the mayor's [...]

How Mayor Gray Wants to Spend That $100 Million for Affordable Housing

Ever since Mayor Vince Gray announced that he was making a new $100 million investment in affordable housing, everyone's been weighing in on how he should spend that money. Now, with the release of his budget proposal this morning, we finally know how he intends to allocate it.
Here's the breakdown:

$66.9 million for the Housing Production [...]

An Eviction in Adams Morgan

The scene at 2409 18th St. NW right now looks like an eviction in reverse: a team of men bringing heaps of furniture from the street curb into a mostly vacant-looking building. But it's actually just the aftermath of a run-of-the-mill eviction. According to the head of the eviction crew, who declined to give his [...]

Morning Links

D.C. is the least affordable housing market in America. [WBJ]
It's also among the densest cities in the country. [GGW]
A group has put solar panels on one of every 10 Mt. Pleasant homes. [Grist]
A scintillating tale of drug dealers and the FBI in the District. [WCP]
Investors aren't dominating the housing recovery. [NYT]
Here's the story of one [...]

Ten Developers Respond to Federal Triangle South RFI

Ten developers have responded to a recent request for information on the redevelopment of a federal enclave south of the National Mall, according to a General Services Administration spokesman.
GSA, in collaboration with the National Capital Planning Commission and the D.C. Office of Planning, is working to overhaul the area in an effort to consolidate outdated [...]