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Morning Links

D.C. government drops Donohoe as Mount Vernon Triangle hotel developer, plans to rebid. [Post]
Proposal to move bus parking from Ivy City to Buzzard Point raises questions. [SWTLQTC]
GSA may have broken the rules in its stimulus act renovation spending. [WBJ]
A winery under Dupont? [UrbanTurf]
Top developers get in on the Walter Reed action. [WBJ]
A new 11-story office [...]

Morning Links

An FBI move to Poplar Point could benefit alleged shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson. [Loose Lips]
Suitland's a better location anyway. [GGW]
MoCo tries to get sexy. [Post]
Mapping bikers in D.C. [MV Jantzen]
Two proposals for increasing service on the 16th Street NW bus line. [GGW]
More roads could get dedicated space for buses and bikes. [DCist]
A novel basis [...]

With Property Windfall, Howard Strikes a Balance

This week, Washington City Paper brings you the Education Issue. The whole thing's a good read: Check out Will Sommer on George Washington University's year in exile from the U.S. News and World Report rankings and Ben Freed on the University of the District of Columbia's mortuary school. But if you're hankering for a real estate [...]

Morning Links

A map of where houses and condos were bought in D.C. last year. [R.U. Seriousing Me?]
Sequestration will hit D.C. parks hard. [DCist]
A view of D.C. from the Capitol in 1863. [Ghosts of DC]
Streetcars hold a trump card over buses: flexible capacity. [GGW]
Eighty-three-unit residential building coming to Hill East. [UrbanTurf]
Washington Latin Public Charter to move into [...]

Morning Links

Gray goes green. [Post]
A better way to look at food deserts. [Atlantic Cities]
The State Department could expand in Foggy Bottom. [WBJ]
Marion Barry's mayoral house in Hillcrest is for sale. [Post]
So's Washington Harbour. [WBJ]
Homeowners associations are for communists. [Atlantic Cities]
A new bill could go further to accomodate bicyclists. [WashCycle]
The Renwick Gallery will be closed next year [...]

Housing Complex Is on Vacation

There's not much urban policy to cover here, so this blog will be quiet for a while. See you again on Feb. 20!
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Spirit Fitness Shuts Down After Losing Eviction Case

Following a heated battle with its landlord, Anacostia's Spirit Fitness Health and Wellness Center has been evicted. Spirit—whose president is former mayoral candidate and Union Temple Baptist Church senior pastor Willie Wilson—was forced to leave its home on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE on Monday.
Spirit's landlord, the Salvation Army, moved to evict Spirit for failure [...]

Morning Links

The latest plans for the Uline Arena [UrbanTurf]
A heat map of rents in D.C. [We Love DC]
The Wisconsin Avenue NW road diet has some people fuming. [DCist]
Taxwise, you're better off in D.C. than the suburbs if you're rich, but not if you're poor. [Atlantic Cities]
George W. Bush's brother upgrades to a $3.8 million Arlington condo. [...]

Morning Links

It's tough for homeless families to get shelter without a lawyer. [Post]
Public school enrollment rate has its largest increase in 40 years. [Hill Rag]
Darrell Issa wants to take a stab at D.C. budget autonomy next month. [Roll Call]
Hell, even Belarus thinks we ought to have voting rights. [DCist]
More details on the mixed-use building coming to [...]

Stranger Than Eviction

From the outside, 1919 Calvert St. NW looks almost exactly like its neighboring rowhouses, with their stately shades of red brick and stone. A glance at city property records shows little variation on paper: The houses were all valued around $800,000 in last year's assessment.
But once you step inside, something is clearly different. First, the [...]