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Busboys Comes to Takoma. Brookland May Be Next. Could Anacostia Follow?

Jonathan O'Connell reports that the Busboys and Poets empire is expanding. Owner Andy Shallal has signed a lease to open the fifth Busboys in Takoma. The 6,500-square-foot restaurant/bookstore/cafe will be in a mixed-use building at the corner of Carroll and Maple streets NW that's currently under construction. Shallal expects it to open in the spring of 2014.

And he's not stopping there; the sixth location could follow shortly thereafter. Shallal says he's negotiating a lease on a space in Brookland.

But there's still no word on the neighborhood that's clamoring hardest for new eating options: Anacostia. "I am really trying to make this work, " Shallal told me last month of a possible Busboys in Anacostia. But he tells O'Connell that the vacant Uniontown Bar and Grill space is too small and his other Ward 8 outreach hasn't yielded results.

For now, Busboys aficionados will have to content themselves with five, or possibly six, locations.

  • TakomaNick


  • TakomaNick

    Are we talking about spring 2013 or spring 2014?

  • Anonymous

    Gee Andy, I know you are Jesus and all but do yo think you could manage to serve edible food in at least one of your restaurants. I ate at Eatonville and to call it garbage would be charitable.

    I'll hand it to you, you hit upon a schtick.

  • dubious

    "the spring" is actually a few weeks away...yet the site is still mostly mud pit with a crane. Must be 2014?? 2015??

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/housingcomplex/ Aaron Wiener

    Sorry, spring 2014. That's clarified now.

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