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Exorbitant House of the Week, Treehouse Edition

It's every child's dream: a treehouse with a swimming pool, sauna, secret passageway, and lots of space to play. So expect some well-heeled kid to come along and drop $2,495,900 on this Palisades palace. It's a good bit more than the $1,640,300 the place was assessed at last year, and it tops the $2,080,000 it sold for in 2008, but you do get some bang for your buck at 2724 Chain Bridge Road NW:

More details at Estately.

  • Chris Weiss

    Very nice house but too bad most everyone on the planet will never be able to live in a place like that. It's natural design distracts from the gross consumption this represents that many wealthy people are the worst participants in.

  • Taurus

    Nice pool but does the whole house must reek of chlorine?

  • Jane

    What's the point of a gorgeous house if you can't walk around with your pants off?

  • ABC

    So the owners think it's gone UP in value by 25% since 2008? Watch for multiple "adjustments."

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  • Fabrisse

    If this is the one I think it is, we called it the "Picture Window House" when I was growing up because the owners actually hung art on the windows since there wasn't enough wall space.

  • Susie

    So nice to see how well they have taken care of this house after falling in to some neglect for a while. I remember the family who built and designed the house while the mother was dying of cancer. I wish she could see it now...

  • Paula Product

    @Jane - Why can't you walk around with your pants off? What, you're gonna let some windows stop you?

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