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Morning Links

After much expense and conflict, Skyland may finally be cruising toward completion. [Post]
D.C. is the country's second-best city for job seekers. [Forbes]
How parents saved Garrison Elementary [UrbanTurf]
D.C. is spending $350k to convince people it's sexy. [Post]
Howard Town Center will feature grocer, clothing store, bank. [Borderstan]
M Street NW bike lane still months away. [The Hoya]
Metro's expansion [...]

Attorney General Won’t Rule on Jack’s Boathouse

With all the madness surrounding Jack's Boathouse in Georgetown—the National Park Service is trying to terminate its lease with Jack's and open the space to a new concession next month, while Jack's owner Paul Simkin asserts that NPS doesn't in fact have jurisdiction over the land and hasn't lived up to its obligations on the [...]

Repeal the Height Act, Fund the Metro?

Matt Yglesias has a proposal for how to fund the $6 billion expansion that Metro wants to undertake, and if you've ever read Matt Yglesias, you can probably guess what it is: Repeal the Height Act!
He writes:
Restrictions on the height of buildings in the DC central business district cost the city billions per year in lost [...]

Morning Links

Cabs won't all be accepting credit credit cards by the end of March after all. [Post]
Fundrise is likely to get involved in R.L. Christian Library redevelopment on H Street NE. [WBJ]
Reservation 13 draws only one interested developer. [Post]
But that's still better than Georgetown's West Heating Plant. [UrbanTurf]
Why driverless cars might start out in poor countries. [...]

Norton Urges Park Service Not to Screw Up Jack’s Boathouse

The controversy over Jack's Boathouse is heating up, and D.C.'s representative in Congress just weighed in.
The National Park Service is seeking to end its longterm relationship with the popular Georgetown boathouse and open up the space to bids for a concession contract, which it hopes to award by the end of next month. Jack's owner [...]

Mr. Georgetown Moves to Logan Circle: “The City’s Moved East”

Here's a sign of the times if there ever was one: Herb Miller, a 50-year Georgetown resident and the man responsible for developing much of the neighborhood, has packed up and moved to Logan Circle. His reason: "The city's moved east."
"There was a local grocery store and cleaners and hardware stores," says Miller of his [...]

Morning Links

It doesn't just suck if you're on your bike: The cold weather can crack Metro tracks. [Post]
D.C.'s number one in LEED-certified buildings. [DCist]
Crowdfunding for 7th Street building brings in $300k in just two hours. [Post]
Tommy Wells is hosting a public meeting tonight on the Capitol Power Plant. [JDLand]
Will Anacostia turn the corner on development this [...]

Campus Progress

College Hall may not literally be an ivory tower, but it’s close. Along with adjoining Chapel Hall—both built in the 1870s in Gothic revival style—it forms the historic and administrative center of Gallaudet University, the world’s leading institution of higher education for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. The hallways are quiet and filled with august reminders [...]

Issa Outtakes: Republican Has Frequent Access to Issa; D.C. Group, Not So Much

In last week's cover story on Darrell Issa, the conservative California Republican who's become D.C.'s surprising best friend in Congress, I highlighted the good rapport between Issa and Mayor Vince Gray—the two even watched a hockey game together in Gray's suite at the Verizon Center. But when it comes to nongovernmental D.C. voting rights advocates, Issa's [...]

Morning Links

A novel idea: public transit for your car. [Atlantic Cities]
A look at the new residential building coming to Waterfront Station [Southwest Quadrant]
Petworth house draws more than 60 bidders, brings 2,340 percent return on investment. [PoP]
MoCo struggles with planned second entrance to Bethesda Metro. [GGW]
D.C. gets an Airbnb for event spaces. [UrbanTurf]
Potomac Avenue used to be [...]