Housing Complex

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The New York Times seems to think D.C. was a ghost town before Obama became president. [NY Times]

You've got more time to comment on the proposed new building codes. [WBJ]

Why Bob McDonnell's transit funding plan makes no sense. [Post]

No surprise here: Logan and Dupont are D.C.'s hottest housing markets. [WBJ]

With inventory low, it's very much a seller's market. [UrbanTurf]

It's not easy to convince Frenchmen that D.C.'s on par with Paris. [NY Times]

D.C. cabs will accept credit cards by March 30. [Post]

There's tension between the Gray administration and new economic development chair Muriel Bowser. [WBJ]

Today on the market: Big building, small apartment, small price

  • http://www.cumberlandharbourga.com Atlantic Development Group

    really amaze this is .
    In NEW YORK city.

  • anons

    DC wasn't a ghost town, but in the previous decade, the first time DC had added population in nearly 50 years, fueled by the nations largest housing boom and a full 35% increase in the federal budget, DC added 200 residents a month.

    From 2009, to 2012 DC added 1000 residents a month, a 5 fold increase. This is due primariliy to DC being the jobs mecca of the nation, and "the" place just out of college folks could still get a decent, albiet federal government related job.

    Obama hasn't made DC, the worst recession since the great depression has made DC.

  • Typical DC BS

    @anons: Nice analysis!