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Morning Links

A preview of DDOT's citywide transportation plan [GGW]

Why aren't Ward 3 residents clamoring for more public transit? [RPitUS]

Maybe they'd get more excited about Personal Rapid Transit. [Atlantic Cities]

After all, Metro's not looking so hot after another train derailment. [Unsuck]

The payoff from closing schools may be minimal. [DCFPI]

The payoff from firing the guy who's trying to bring down school lunch costs may also be minimal. [DCist]

Southwest ANC wants Small Area Plan before public lands begin to be developed. [Southwest]

Cliff dwellers around the world. [Gizmodo]

Muriel Bowser is wary of accessory dwellings and corner stores. [GGW]

GSA leaves a hole in NoMa as it moves back downtown. [WBJ]

A conversation with Obama's former Capitol Hill landlord. [UrbanTurf]

Today on the market: Grand house in 16th Street Heights

  • drez

    Nice house, but it's on GA Ave and who needs that traffic?

  • Bob See

    And carefully photographed so you don't realize it's semi-detached. But the ad does say "Suburban living meets the metropolitan lifestyle." so that's something.

    Upper NW (particularly the swatch between Nebraska Ave. and Rock Creek Park) has all the feel of a subdivision. I don't see much happening there in terms of transit, and the residents will want to keep it that way. The area between Petworth and Brightwood has better potential.

  • Bob See

    meant Nevada Ave.

  • DC Guy

    There is transit in that area of Ward 4. Bus lines in the neighborhood and on Military Road. Just too much car-centricity. People should be working on increasing the level of service.