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41.5 percent of D.C.-area residents will leave town for the holidays. [Post]

Big-spending UDC president ousted. [City Desk]

Speed limits won't go up after all. [WJLA]

D.C. statehood becomes a symbolic gesture. [Post]

9th Street NW is all the rage. [UrbanTurf]

A few ways to make housing more affordable. [GGW]

The Silver Line could make things tougher for Arlington. [Sun Gazette]

A historic alley building faces a death threat. [Preserving DC Stables]

Today on the market: Live like a rendering in Dupont

  • Burnt Orange

    Yep, and because so many people do leave town, it is hard in DC to build a decent community. This has been the way for many a year.

  • Burnt Orange

    Ha ha ha. Joke's on us? Citing GGW and affordable housing!! GGW is the "education" arm of the development industry.

    You have someone with a car advocating for measures to make it uncomfortable for people to have cars, although, last time I checked, he has no intention of giving up his. You have someone advocating people living in stacks who lives himself in a house. In other words, you have someone who has purchased his exemption from the rules he espouses. If you think this blogger knows or cares about affordable housing, then you are just deluded. He does not. This is not the purpose of his blog.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Burnt Orange: You'd be well-served to actually read the GGW article.

    The first thing you'd find is that the "blogger" you're hurling invective at for writing this article is actually two women, not a "he."

    Kinda punches a huge hole in your credibility.

  • ThomThom

    IMGoph: Before you get any more smug consider.."huge hole in your credibility...." not so much. So glad to see that sophomores can get jobs if they sell out.

  • er

    41% of people leaving dc for christmas? according to AAA. how many residents of dc are members of AAA?

    very suspect claim.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    ThomThom: You'll have to explain your insult. It gets lost in translation.

  • Burnt Orange

    To even consider GGW as being remotely for affordable housing is a joke, I don't care if Vladimir Lenin himself writes a guest blog. It's cover. A white wash or affordable housing equivalent.

  • drumz

    Burnt Orange,

    So by writing and advocating more (affordable or not) housing GGW is actually calling for less housing?

    Tell me, what's a solution for more affordable housing that doesn't involve building more of it?

  • Burnt Orange

    That silly blog hasn't met an oversized, neighborhood killing "project" it didn't love. And that that project comes with affordable housing is just butter on the toast. It's cover. Sorry, I don't know how else or how many more times I can say. They can get people who are sincerely involved in affordable housing. But it's not who David Alpert is. I can't say it any more plainly than that. The guy does not really CARE about affordable housing. It's dressing. It's meaningless. It's closing the door after the horse has run out of the barn. That ship has sailed. How many more cliches can I use? Give me a second, I might think of some more!