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D.C. Now Bigger Than Vermont, Less Car-Dependent, No More Represented in Congress

Suck it, Buck!

Washingtonians, rejoice: In our dream world in which the District is a state, it is now only the third-smallest state!

According to new census figures, D.C. gained 13,303 people between July 2011 and July 2012 to reach a population of 632,323, overtaking Vermont, which lost 581 people to drop to 626,011. Wyoming remained dead last at 576,412.

D.C. was also the second-fastest-growing "state" at 2.15 percent growth, trailing only North Dakota (2.17) and leaving third-place Texas (1.67) in the dust. The District had 9,156 births and 8,953 in-migrations in the past year.

The city's growth was accompanied by a continuing decrease in reliance on cars. The percentage of households with no vehicles increased from 36.9 percent to 38.5 percent.

One thing that didn't change: that whole taxation without representation thing. Though D.C.'s at least as entitled to a voting representative and two senators as Wyoming or Vermont, we're stuck with a single non-voting delegate—Joe Lieberman's efforts notwithstanding.

So I'll take this opportunity to call down a curse on puny but better-represented Vermont: May your treasured maple trees henceforth ooze nothing but mumbo sauce!

  • VT_Citizen

    Oh it's on!

  • SWMLuvah

    I think VT is where I want to be!

  • http://www.ajfroggie.com Froggie

    Given how progressive Vermont tends to be, I wouldn't be calling the pox on them anytime soon....they're one of DC's best chances at statehood.

    That said, I know one person who won't be getting any cheese or maple syrup from me this year...

  • Montpelierite

    We already have the least populated state capital and with any luck, you flat-landers will stop moving in and we can drop fast to dead last in state population. With two Senators (one the most senior), THAT'S representation.

    Don't mess with Vermont.

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  • Typical DC BS

    DC, being overwhelmingly Democratic, is also showing it's true colors by being delusional.