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Morning Links

DDOT's streetcar timeline, starting with Anacostia testing in March. [GGW]

Vince Gray says there's no "Plan" for Ivy City. [Post]

But there is a Plan. It's called population growth. [Slate]

How far should school choice go? [GGW]

Building near L'Enfant sells for a record price. [Post]

DC Water wants to reconsider its huge pipeline plan. [DCmud]

A solution to traffic jams? [Atlantic Cities]

Today on the market: A 16th Street Heights gem

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    Interesting point on traffic jams and congestion pricing.

    However you could achieve the same effect by eliminating and reconstituting WAMTA with proper staffing levels and allow them to design transportation routes based on moving as many commuters as possible (with no restrictions) rather than optimizing for moving every single possible poor person (practically) for free.

    But then Democrats would have to give up their broken half hearted approach to poors and Republicans would have to get off their gold leaf BMW's and ride the rails.