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And the Streetcar Tagline Winner Is…

For this week's paper, we asked readers to submit their ideas for a tagline for D.C.'s eventual streetcar. The suggestions were all inspiring—certainly more so than the District Department of Transportation's proposals—but these five stood out:

Because White People Won't Take the Bus

It'll Be Here Before Statehood!

Where "The Plan" Advances

Because Bikes Are Too Damn Fast

A Streetcar Named Ire

Choosing between these is a little like choosing between Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan; they're just awesome on different levels. But in the end, we settled on our favorite. And the winner is...

...drumroll, please...

A Streetcar Named Ire! Commenter darren, please step forward to claim your prize.

Somehow I'm doubting that DDOT will adopt the name, but—surprise me, DDOT!

  • http://bikepedantic.wordpress.com darren

    hooray! "Award-winning snark" has been added to my resume. I'm out of town for the week, but can swing by WCP offices next week sometime, or email me for a mailing address

  • http://www.myur.com/ Mike S. Black

    As a personal trainer in Georgetown DC and Alexandria VA area, I commute with bike almost everywhere. http://www.myur.com/
    There will less traffic if bikers had more rights while commuting. Many is fearful of riding their bike cause of the danger they feel if they are so close to cars and buses.

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  • Alf

    How about MLTT?

    Myopic Little Twit Trolley?

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  • http://personaltrainingandwellness.com Warren Bloom

    H ST Circulator would be a great simple name. I love this new line, and as fitness enthusiast and DC Bike commuter my only concern is the rails in the street. Those things can be dangerous. Cyclist are going to have to be extra careful riding in that part of town. Maybe I will make this my next fitness and health tip as a part of my urban bike commuting post.

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