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PSA: Propose Your Own Tagline for the D.C. Streetcar and Win Stuff

The District Department of Transportation has just put out a call for public input on a tagline for the coming streetcar. Unfortunately, you've got just six options to choose from, and we're not huge fans of them. ("Let's Go!"? "District at Your Doorstep"?)

We think you can do better. So take to the comments and submit your own taglines for the streetcar. Silly and serious suggestions alike are fair game. The top few submissions will appear in next week's paper, and the person with our favorite idea wins a free City Paper T-shirt.

And who knows? The paper comes out before DDOT's survey response deadline, so maybe they'll change their minds and go with one of your ideas instead.

Now have at it—tag, you're it.

Image from DDOT's streetcar survey

  • Anacharis Cloots

    DC Streetcar: Because Impractical and Expensive Aren't Reasons Enough to Oppose a Public Transportation Project

  • duh

    Diverting money from affordable housing since 2010.

  • V.D.C.

    For a "Trolley" good time!

  • jmd

    Streetcars are cool, right?

  • http://NandoGroup.com NandoGroup

    DC magic tracks, we get you there fast...

  • tmb

    DC Streetcar, because white people wont take the bus.

  • Jon Doe

    Roll with it!

  • RT

    tmb wins!

  • EC

    DC Street Car, We paid 16M for this shit. USE IT or we will take another bus route away.

  • Bud


  • William

    Serious idea: "District of Convenience"

    Silly idea: "District of Columbusing"

  • MJ

    It's about f*cking time...

  • KS

    monorail! monorail! monorail! mono- d'oh!

  • SharrowsDC

    It'll be here before statehood!

  • Typical DC BS

    "Where "The Plan" advances!"

  • ErikDC

    "Do DC streetwise"

  • MJ

    Because bikes are just too damn fast.

  • http://bikepedantic.wordpress.com darren

    A Streetcar Named Ire

  • http://bikepedantic.wordpress.com darren

    or, "If CaBi makes you stabby, try our trolley folly"

  • Marcus

    Trolley good.

  • ASW

    One small train for man, one giant deficit for mankind.

  • ASW

    DC Streetcar: Making Metro seem like a good alternative.

  • Sir Spicious

    Streetcars: Back to the Future

  • Mark Nensel

    DC Streetcar: Go Wherever You Desire

  • William

    +1 for "Back to the Future"

  • Chris

    Streetcars -Onward and Upward Into the 20th Century!

    Streetcars - they're safer than unicycles!

    Streetcars - making DC like San Francisco but without the charm!

    Streetcars - we haven't crashed one yet!

  • Sarah Tillman

    How about "Rolling Through THE City"? Then you could use the old Ike and Tina Turner song "Rolling on the River" with new lyrics as its theme song!! Loving it!

  • SNC

    DC Streetcar: Just do it

    Take the DC Trolley, It Almost Feels like San Francisco...Almost

    DC Streetcar: There are $310 Million reasons to ride

    DC Streetcar: DDOT did it again

    A Streetcar Named, Will Anyone Ride This?

    Like to be on top? Ride this Trolley!

  • Mark

    DC Streetcar: Take DC by the rails.

  • Mark

    DC Streetcar: Take DC by the rail. (correction)

  • GTB

    Moving DC forward.

  • R. Neuman

    Ding, Dong the Bitch is dead.

  • Brian

    DC Streetcar: Rolling Oldschool, Today

  • GMaria


  • ScrewU

    Ride the Streetcar. Hey, it's better than getting shot.

  • chezwhat

    There's a different kind of tracks on H St now.*

    *Heroin reference

  • Maxime

    DC Streetcar--Covering 35 Miles of Washington's Greatest Corridors

  • William Gordon


  • JS

    Get in the Groove

  • SP

    A streetcar to desire.