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City Opens Valuable Florida Avenue NW Parcel to Development Proposals

It may not look like much, but this is one of D.C.'s most valuable pieces of vacant land, and it's up for grabs.
This morning, officials from the office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development held a so-called preresponse conference on the vacant city-owned parcel at 965 Florida Ave. NW, a block north [...]

Be Our Boss for a Day

All right, readers: We give up. No matter what we write about—whether it's arts or development, Anacostia or Palisades—you always know better, as you make abundantly clear in the comments. And you should; after all, there are only a small handful of us, and there are thousands of you living in every neighborhood and working [...]

Morning Links

A mega-apartment complex opens tomorrow near the NoMa-Eckington border. [DCmud]
A counter-counterargument in support of amending the Height Act. [Atlantic Cities]
Archstone sale could endanger CityCenter development. [WBJ]
A very cool visualization of Metro travel by the numbers. [Riding Metro]
Alternatives for the future of M Street SE/SW. [Southwest Quadrant]
A Silver Spring strip mall parking lot could become an [...]

City Issues Call for St. Elizabeths East Developers

The development of the St. Elizabeths East Campus, arguably the most significant development project the city's likely to see in the next 10 years, is officially underway. The office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development has just issued a Request for Expressions of Interest for four parcels of land on the former [...]

Morning Links

D.C. retains the lowest office vacancy rate in the country. [WBJ]
You know it's Christmastime when...a gingerbread town comes to D.C. [AP]
Republicans are fighting an unwinnable fight against population density. [Atlantic Cities]
Ivy City battles a tour bus parking lot. [WJLA]
DDOT's holding its last public meeting on the Benning Road streetcar extension study today. [DC Streetcar]
The next [...]

Metro’s Most Popular Trips, by the Numbers

Thanks to PlanItMetro's data dump and Greater Greater Washington's number crunching, we now have a pretty good sense of which Metro stations are busiest at various times of the day. During the morning commute, Union Station sees the most people entering the system (presumably commuters from outside the city/region), and the two Farragut Square stations [...]

Morning Links

Developers are snapping up land along Rhode Island Ave. NE. [Post]
Speed cameras may bring in revenue, but they cost a pretty penny, too. [WTOP]
Conservatives bash D.C.'s bag fee as it grows more successful. [DCist]
After a big flop, a L'Enfant development is nearly leased out. [Post]
Sorry, Vince Gray, but D.C. isn't among the world's (or country's) [...]

Metrobus: The Least Green Big Bus Network in America?

The Atlantic Cities has a good piece today debunking the fashionably counterintuitive notion that cars are in fact greener than public transit. But buried in there are some figures from a 2009 Federal Transit Administration report that paint D.C. in a not-so-favorable light.
Take a look at this chart from the report:

Of the 10 largest "directly [...]

Morning Links

Zoning Commission gives Hine School redevelopment the green light. [DCmud]
The Atlantic Cities continues to pick apart anti-Height Act arguments. [Atlantic Cities]
Proposal for Union Station escalators runs into preservation, Amtrak trouble. [Post]
Housing starts hit a four-year high. [UrbanTurf]
Whither the courier business? [GGW]
The Beltway's new express lanes cause six accidents in three days. [Post]
GW proposes $200,000 in [...]

The Five-Year Itch

It’s 9 a.m., and you’re running late. You check your email on your phone, which is connected to D.C.’s citywide WiFi. Nothing but spam from the city government, including a photo of President Marco Rubio at Ben’s Out Back—really, this campaign to publicize celebrity visits to D.C. haunts has gone too far. You wish the [...]