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Developers are snapping up land along Rhode Island Ave. NE. [Post]

Speed cameras may bring in revenue, but they cost a pretty penny, too. [WTOP]

Conservatives bash D.C.'s bag fee as it grows more successful. [DCist]

After a big flop, a L'Enfant development is nearly leased out. [Post]

Sorry, Vince Gray, but D.C. isn't among the world's (or country's) top cities for startups. [Atlantic Cities]

New Yorkers pay a big premium for a view. Low-slung D.C. wouldn't know anything about that... [New York Times]

Happy 50th, Dulles! How your corridor has grown. [Post]

Today on the market: Petworth rowhouse for an even half-mill

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    The story about land along Rhode Island Avenue NE isn't really about the corridor when you read it closely. It just talks about land at the metro station, and then mentions stuff happening across the line in Prince George's. If we really want to discuss the corridor as a whole, let's see some movement on the miles between the metro station at Eastern Avenue.

  • SunnyFloridaAve

    Per the RI Ave corridor, I'd like to know more about the trash transfer station across the street from the Giant. CM McDuffie's office told us that the city tried to have it shut down, but were unsuccessful in litigation. What's the deal? The land it sits on is about a 7 minute walk to/from the metro station.

  • Mrs. D

    I don't know whether it was the city or a private group that sued them, but McDuffie is right that they were unsuccessful. The other thing I know is that the facility does not operate within the EPA "best practices" for such facilities, which demand odor, litter, and pest control, amongst other things. That place is a serious blight on the community, not simply by existing, but by operating in such a way that it diminishes the quality of life of those nearby by not meeting standard operating protocols. It also, as you note, sits on what could be very valuable land, and by operating the way it does, diminishes the value of nearby, potentially valuable land. As the Post article noted, both the Giant plot and the plaza next door are under new ownership, and this blog (under previous authorship) and others have speculated that they are targets for re-development. Other plots in the immediate area are similarly situated, but not with overwhelming smells that waft over half a mile from the facility, litter blowing everywhere, trucks idling needlessly (which is probably against current DC laws to begin with), and flocks of birds descending all over everything once the pickings from the open semis that transport the trash have departed.

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