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Photos: The Progress at Progression Place

Shaw is getting ready for its makeover. There's the long-vacant Parcel 42, for which six new development designs are being considered. There's the old Wonder Bread factory on S Street NW that'll soon become well-facaded offices. And then there's Progression Place.

The massive development above the Shaw Metro, on 7th Street between S and T streets, is beginning to resemble a real building. The eight-floor office half of the building, on the south side, is the furthest along; the anchor (and only current) tenant, the United Negro College Fund, moved in last month. Davis Construction expects the 205-apartment, nine-story residential component on the north side to be ready for move-in by May or June. Under the apartments, on 7th and T streets, ground-level retail will occupy restored storefronts by the second quarter of 2013 and is expected to include a brewpub by the Howard Theatre, as well as a couple of restaurants and a hair salon.

I took a tour of the construction site this weekend. Click on the photo below for a slideshow of the progress on the residential half of the building, as well as a few shots from the green roof of the office half:

  • tntdc

    Not in the story: DC subsidized this project to the tune of about $32M and then paid UNCF $7M to cover "moving expenses" from Fairfax.

  • DC

    A chance to shake down a local government is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Typical DC BS

    Why am I not surprised that DC/Metro paid UNCF to move here (yup, they generate SOOOO much economic activity, don't they?) and millions to the developer? Nice picture of all the cranes in the distance - guess DC/Metro is too stupid to realize that a developer would have put up something just as nice directly above a Metro stop and PAID them millions - you can't beat the location on top of a Metro stop.

  • GetSomeFacts

    I believe the subsidy is more like $20MM. And the amount the City gave UNCF is $700k, not $7MM.


    Of course, $20MM is a lot of money, and I make no judgment as to whether or not that's the "right" number to revitalize a property that's been vacant for at least 15 yrs+ (and where drunk guys are still hanging out on the corner), but let's a least use facts when we complain about stuff.