Housing Complex

Morning Links

Skyland files for a zoning amendment to include Walmart—and decrease parking. [DCmud]

A very expensive new Georgetown hotel is set to open in January. [WBJ]

Frontier Condominiums sale price returns to the realm of the sane. [UrbanTurf]

Cleveland Park caps the number of restaurants in the neighborhood. Here's why it shouldn't. [GGW]

The 2013 D.C. Design House will be, well, see for yourself. [Curbed]

Weigh in tomorrow on the proposed Yards movie theater. [JDLand]

America's most diverse neighborhoods. (Hint: D.C.'s "Anacostia neighborhoods" are not among them.) [Atlantic Cities]

Sign of the times: Zumba comes to Trinidad. [Hill Rag]

Today on the market: Columbia Heights rowhouse near all the action, and roadwork

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    Aaron: What does the "sign of the times" thing mean on the Zumba bullet point? It's "zumba gold," which is an exercise format geared towards older folks, of which there are a lot in Trinidad.