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Scandalized ANC Commissioner Goes on a Rampage

If you were caught using a government-issued cell phone to make hundreds of calls to adult-only chat lines, you might try to keep a low profile for a while.

That's not the route Lenwood Johnson has chosen to take.

Johnson, an ANC commissioner representing part of Columbia Heights, spent more than 158 hours on chat lines called D.C. Raven and D.C. Alibi on taxpayers' dime, according to a Nov. 1 story in the Washington Post. Now, rather than keeping his head down, he's lashing out at everyone he can on community email lists.

His response to the Post story began harmlessly enough, with a post to the WardOneDC list at 12:50 a.m. Sunday morning:

Good evening everybody everywhere!

Thanks so much for all your prayers, concerns, encouragement, and best wishes during my recent "media storm." I am very well. God bless you all!

–Lenwood "Lenny" Johnson

Then, later Sunday, he sent out a message to the columbia_heights and WardOneDC lists—both of which can be read by anyone online—with the subject line "FOIA–Usage review of all government-issued ANC email accounts and cell phones." The message read:

So, let's just check to see who is in compliance.

Yesterday, the personal attacks started to get a bit more pointed, with this 5:46 a.m. posting to both lists:

And we need to talk about why ANC paid $125 to provide childcare for Cmsr. Kralovic's children, and why Chairman Boisvert caused the ANC to forfeit $6,000 in funding.

Which led Commissioner Lisa Kralovic to reply that childcare was offered at that particular hearing because the subject, a triple shooting, was not suitable for children, that others present also took advantage of the childcare, and that she'd checked with the executive director of the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions prior to the meeting.

And then this morning, Johnson let loose. He forwarded—again to both lists—a private email chain he'd had with other members of the ANC. It began with a September email from ANC 1A secretary Kent Boese to a constituent explaining that the ANC hadn't been able to vote on a certain measure because Johnson had left and so they lacked a quorum. Johnson responded:

Commissioner Boese,

You're a lowlife! I was under no obligation to stay until the very end of the meeting. Other commissioners left before the meeting's end; why couldn't I?

–Lenwood Johnson, ANC 1A10

Things escalated from there. Take a look at the email chain, from the bottom up. (Note: I've redacted the email addresses, although the full exchange is publicly available.)

From: Lenwood Johnson
Subject: Fw: Re: [ANC1A] Re: Room 11 Sidewalk Cafe
To: WardOneDC
Date: Thursday, October 13, 2011, 8:34 PM

So, Commissioner Pair, who calls herself a bitch, is a ringleader in the drive to censure. Would I be wrong to call her what she calls herself? Just wondering...
— On Wed, 9/21/11, Bbpair wrote:

From: Bbpair
Subject: Re: [ANC1A] Re: Room 11 Sidewalk Cafe
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 8:55 AM

Yes, and I'm a bitch too

—–Original Message—– From: Lenwood Johnson To: bbpair; anc1a; columbia_heights; WardOneDC
Sent: Wed, Sep 21, 2011 8:50 am Subject: [ANC1A] Re: Room 11 Sidewalk Cafe

So, Betty, if I'm a lowlife and you know me, I guess that makes you a lowlife too.

— On Wed, 9/21/11, bbpair wrote:

From: bbpair
Subject: Re: Room 11 Sidewalk Cafe
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 8:26 AM

Lenwood, it takes one to know one...

And then, three minutes later, he finished his rampage with one parting shot:

Oh nooo! Betty the bitch is back!
— On Mon, 11/5/12, Bbpair wrote:

From: Bbpair
Subject: Re: [columbia_heights] ANC's childcare payment & ANC's forfeiture of $6,000
To: columbia_heights
Date: Monday, November 5, 2012, 6:47 AM

You are clutching at straws and pointing fingers where they should not, as you well know, be pointed.  None of the people you mentioned STOLE from the ANC, as you did..you took ANC money for listening to sex sites; you "played" with petty cash.  You are not the representative people think you are.

—–Original Message—– From: Lenwood Johnson To: WardOneDC ; columbia_heights     Sent: Mon, Nov 5, 2012 12:47 am Subject: [columbia_heights] ANC's childcare payment & ANC's forfeiture of $6,000

And we need to talk about why ANC paid $125 to provide childcare for Cmsr. Kralovic's children, and why Chairman Boisvert caused the ANC to forfeit $6,000 in funding.

Good luck at the polls today, Commissioner Johnson!

  • JasonP

    Yeah but most of the blacks in this town don't care about what kind of buffoon this guy Linwood is. All they care about is throwing up a wall to whites moving in, as if that's the most awful thing in the universe. So they settle for morons or crooks to stick it to us and end up only screwing themselves. They get the politicians they deserve, but as a citizen I don't deserve it. Wish I could vote in thar ANC precinct

  • ProfChris

    I went to polling station to help our neighbor Anthony Cimino in this race—one of Lenwood Johnson’s pals told me that our candidate will lose because he is white, and black folks are scared of what he represents. He also didn't think I was a "real" African American because I was lightskinned, spoke a certain way, taught at Georgetown. I set him straight--I even told him I am a native, born, bred, and grew up with Michael Brown, at large councilmember. For some in DC, these antics are peferctly normal. This fool said "nobody's perfect." It is tragic we set our expectations so low. One more thing: If the wingnut “press” like Breitbart.com, Drudge, the Weekly Standard, et al was serious about real news…they’d point this stuff out, rather than inventing the New Black Panther Party and assorted other nonsense in the overwhelming evidence of strategic vote suppression, uni-polar voting by whites vs. Obama. But then again, I used the words “serious” and “real.”

  • a change gon’ come

    Oh, Lord. Can I just say that politics as a whole seems to attract the shenanigans types? The man is clearly a train wreck, but I wouldn't attribute that to his being black. Do you generalize to all white politicians and their voters every time one gets caught with his hand in the till?