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Behold, Streetcar Barn Renderings!

That super-controversial proposed streetcar barn at Spingarn High School? We finally have some sense of what it might look like. Take a look at some renderings from the Historic Preservation Review Board's review of the plans:

In my column a couple of weeks ago, I admonished the city to "learn a lesson from the past as it designs its car barn: If you want your barn to stand the test of time, at least make the thing pretty."

So: Do you think they listened?

Update: Somehow I initially missed this animation of the car barn. Gotta love that smooth electro-jazz:

(h/t @DCist_Martin)

  • DC Guy

    I would consider these to be more like concept designs. I hope DDOT does too.

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  • Francis

    That thing is hideous. Also, the bird's eye rendering is deceptively trying to make a 3 story building look like a 1 story building.

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  • maibaby523

    I'm still trying to figure out the purpose of the streetcar up H Street in the first place! No need for it to begin with, thus, no need for the car barn, either!

  • Anthony

    @ maibaby523

    The purpose for the streetcar is development. H street will soon be a highrise filled dense avenue with thousands of units forming a street wall like a major city is supposed to have. For those who want DC to remain country and low density, it's not going to happen. DC is building up and becoming urban.

  • Warder St

    I don't know why they don't avoid all the controversy and put this thing on the SE corner of Benning Rd and Oklahoma Ave.

  • Clyde Howard


  • Louise

    The main thing to be avoided is the trash-strewn open space. Unfortunately they didn't avoid it. They took up precious space along Benning Road to have that weird stepped grassy area which will be difficult/impossible to mow and will become a disgrace full of wind-blown trash and weeds.

  • Louise

    Push the building to the street and make the facade more appealing and interesting.