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Is Bloomingdale Ready for Sandy?

Just as I was about to call Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie to ask about preparations in flood-prone Bloomingdale for Hurricane Sandy, his office beat me to the punch with a press release.
“We’re taking this storm very seriously in my office,” stated McDuffie, who has led storm response efforts in Ward 5 on four separate [...]

Morning Links

Canal Park will open on Nov. 16. [JDLand]
Parkmobile raises meter fees and blames...Dodd-Frank? [GGW]
Work is underway at a new development on Otis Place NW. [Park View, D.C.]
D.C.'s the second-best city for transit commuting, behind you-know-who. [Atlantic Cities]
West Virginian carpetbaggers dominate the Maryland casino debate. [Slate]
A Capitol Hill schoolhouse is turning into a residential building. [UrbanTurf]
This [...]

The Future of the Region’s Housing Market, in Charts

This graph pretty well sums up the fundamental challenge in the D.C.-area housing market:

That comes from Lisa Sturtevant, deputy director of the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University, at a presentation she made this afternoon at the D.C. Housing Finance Agency. "No matter what you're looking at," she said, "the cost of housing [...]

The Perks of a Productive Congress

In my column today, I examine the correlation between national elections and D.C. real estate and find that, well, there isn't one. Or at least to the small extent that there is one, it's overshadowed by more relevant factors like the economy, city policy, and demographic changes.
But studies from recent years have shown the D.C. [...]

Morning Links

The new neighbourhoods of Washington, D.C. [BBC Travel]
CNN building in NoMa sells for $106 million. [Post]
Assessing the redesign of the Union Station Main Hall. [GGW]
Yes, that's what we need in our cities: motion-activated shrooms. [Atlantic Cities]
Bikers to protest illegal Pennsylvania Ave. U-turns tomorrow. [Examiner]
AAA knocks new bike lane—but don't accuse them of calling it a [...]

Vote With Your Feet

It’s election time, and we all know what that means: If Republicans take the White House and the Senate in a sweep, D.C.’s Democrats will flee the city (presumably to Canada), GOP staffers will swarm the suburbs, and the city’s commercial real estate market will boom as lobbyists flock to K Street offices in order [...]

For D.C.’s Bikers, More Cushion for the Pushin’

"If you build it, they will come." It's the go-to quote among optimists in development circles, used in discussions of everything from parks to neighborhoods to retail centers. But when it comes to D.C.'s bike infrastructure—that's how Jim Sebastian of the District Department of Transportation used it at a media luncheon yesterday on the city's bike [...]

Morning Links

More shiny new apartments are coming to the Petworth Metro. [WBJ]
...and to Dupont. [UrbanTurf]
D.C.-area home construction is back up to 2006 levels. [Post]
The recession turned almost five million Americans into renters. [HousingWire]
Six thousand Washingtonians duck into Cars2Go each week. [DCist]
Lobbying continues to slump ahead of the election. [Post]
And of course we know that lobbying is [...]

Morning Links

The Council will talk driverless cars today. [D.C. Council]
DDOT's laying down a protected bike lane on L Street NW. [DDOT]
Obvious, now proven: Bike lanes make cycling much safer. [Atlantic Cities]
Mary Cheh's bike was stolen. [DCist]
OK, we know housing prices are rising, but a tenfold increase in 14 years? [UrbanTurf]
... though rowhouse prices in the H [...]

A Modest Proposal to Enliven Central 14th Street

Few areas in town have undergone as many recent changes as the stretch of 14th Street NW near the Columbia Heights Metro station. Now city officials are turning their attention to the corridor to that area's north.
Office of Planning Director Harriet Tregoning just presented the Central 14th Street Corridor Small Area Action Plan to members of [...]