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Another Casualty of Sandy: Tenant Protest Against Alleged Discrimination

Hurricane Sandy claims another victim: a protest by Latino tenants of 1111 Massachusetts Ave. NW against alleged abuses at the building, owned by Jair Lynch Development Partners.

Tenants of the building accuse the building's managers, the Kettler Management Company, of waging a deliberate campaign against Spanish-speaking Latino residents, with the goal of forcing them out in favor of new, higher-paying residents.

The protesters' allegations against Kettler, according to a statement from the Latino Economic Development Center, include "forcing Spanish-speaking families to sign letters in English to support their illegal evictions, suing families for non-payment of rent when the vast majority have proof of payment, and newly mandating that tenants prove they are U.S. residents to renew leases under the building’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit regulations."

The tenant association is demanding that Kettler be fired and an investigation be undertaken. The protest was planned for this afternoon, but has been postponed due to the hurricane.

Neither Jair Lynch nor Kettler could be reached for comment—presumably also because of the hurricane.

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  • ThomDC

    I think it is long past time to turn the glare of the media spotlight on Jair Lynch! What is Jair Lynch except an ongoing conspiracy of extortion in one form or another, a parasite on the community. What value-add do they bring, none. They are like a professional minority set aside inculcating themselves into other people's real estate deal like some cancerous carbuncle.

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  • anons

    I completely agree. I was involved in a project with an unamed international real estate developer, and Jair got "inserted" into the project by the city.

    He provided zero value add, would show up at community meetings he would call without notice or permission from the master developer and tell people things that simply were not true.

    In the end he gets his piece of the pie for performing zero functions or providing any added value, and in most cases delaying hte project and costing it money.

    He had zero real estate experience before he fasioned himself DC's minority go to guy and it is obvious to all those who pay attention that he hasn't learned anything over the years either.