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Listing of the Day: R. Donahue Peebles’ $7 Million Mansion

I don't often do this, but when there's a particularly noteworthy house on the market, I'll try to bring it to your attention. Today's one of those days.

R. Donahue Peebles, real estate mogul and almost-2010 mayoral candidate, is selling his house. His six-bed, eight-bath, 9,710-square-foot house. Here's what you'd get for $6,995,000 up in Woodland-Normanstone, according to a listing posted to Estately within the past day:

According to city records, Peebles bought the house in 2007 for $5,900,000. Not a bad rate of return. Except that he was previously trying to sell it for $7,495,000. Let's see if anyone bites this time around.

Photo courtesy of Estately

  • John Graham

    The neighborhood is called Woodland-Normanstone. Noone calls it Woodland, but I understand you're new around here.
    And please stop throwing around the term NIMBY -- it's dismissive, not at all informative.

  • gnat_for_life

    Heavens! Pardon en moi... By all means, we shouldn't be dismissive of the ultra-rich & entitled.

  • Remote

    I also hate the term NIMBY. It's a slur. Ixnay on the nimbynay.

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  • tsw2


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