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So Long, Greyhound Bus Terminal. Hello, Neighborhood Development.

Yesterday's ribbon cutting at the new Greyhound terminal in Union Station.

The Greyhound Bus Terminal is no more. And no one's shedding any tears over it.

The First Street NE site, as the Post describes, has been home to shootings, fights, and plenty of loitering. It's also an eyesore in a neighborhood that's got its fair share of transit-related eyesores.

The development of NoMa is moving swiftly along, but it's hindered by impediments from a bygone transit era. The Greyhound terminal has long been inconvenient to get to; now it's moving into Union Station, alongside Bolt and Mega and its other brethren. The old terminal is set to be demolished and converted to offices, apartments, and retail.

And Union Station itself is set for a massive overhaul. The project has its skeptics—and its financing and bureaucratic challenges—but it also has huge upsides. From a station perspective, you get wider platforms, underground concourses, more exits and access to the north, and a revamp of the awful Metro station. But from a community perspective, the most important change is covering the huge tangle of tracks extending northeast from the station and creating easier and more pleasant passage between what are now two segregated neighborhoods: the NoMa/Mount Vernon/Chinatown area west of the station and the H Street NE corridor to the east.

We'll see if the $7 billion project gets carried out as intended, but if it does, then together with the redevelopment of the Greyhound Terminal, it ought to make Near Northeast a more pleasant place to live, work, and stroll through.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Transportation

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I remember when the Greyhound Terminal was located at 12th & New York Avenue, NW in the 60's and 70's. The Trailways bus terminal was across the street on 12th Street, NW. I haven't ridden a bus like Greyhound or Trailways since 1978. I prefer to ride the train, fly, or drive. Union Station is already a hot mess. Now you will have hustlers and male prostitutes hanging around Union Station looking for pay with trade. Then you will have the old dirty chicken hawks hanging around there like Port Authority in New York City.

  • http://blogs.forbes.com/stephensmith/ Stephen Smith

    The project has its skeptics…

    Including former Amtrak head David Gunn, who called it – and I quote – "a fuckin' pipe dream."

  • Mischa Joligard

    This whole project (moving Greyhound from the bus terminal and into Union Station) is just a waste of time, money, and energy. Why not just leave the old Greyhound terminal alone? Why not just let this one last old building co-exist in peace with all of the new buildings popping up around it? It's convenient to get to now, at least since the construction of the New York Avenue (now NoMa) Metro Station in the early 2000's, so just let the building stay where it is! Even if the old Greyhound terminal is never used as a bus station again, then at least use the current stucture in the new project (rather than demolishing it), just so it's not a complete loss!