Housing Complex

Morning Links

Mayor Gray and Wells Fargo will announce a homebuyer assistance program today. [DailyFinance]

Anthony Williams says change is OK. [GGW]

Hill East residential building plans turn into retail and offices. [UrbanTurf]

Gray goes green. [DCist]

Bloomingdale residents tackle flooding. [WJLA]

In Logan Circle, a former garage is worth $895k. [UrbanTurf]

The vacant lot at 8th and P NW gets condominiumized. [PoP]

The Washington Monument renovator will be announced today. [WJLA]

Rhode Island Row nabs Chipotle and Sprint, among others. [DCmud]

D.C. is structurally incapable of hipness. [Atlantic Wire]

Alex Baca strongly disagrees. [@alexbaca]

Today on the market: Modern comfort in Deanwood

  • AWalkerInTheCity

    WRT to the atlantic wire piece

    Alexandria is a city, (as in City of Alexandria) and Bethesda and Arlington are hardly suburban the way she means - in terms of hipness, it sounds like she hasnt been to Del Ray, which definitely has the vibe of some places she considers hip (and is probably a lot more affordable than north Brooklyn).

    Also, very few govt workers are actually political appointees.