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Morning Links

DDOT revamps the chaotic intersection by the 9:30 Club. [GGW]

The housing market takes a big step toward normal. [TruliaTrends]

JBG hopes to replace 13th and U streets NW Rite Aid with eight-story mixed-use building. [WBJ]

Looking back at D.C.'s turnaround. [Post]

Va. Gov. McDonnell says his state may chip in for longer Metro hours post-Nats games. [Examiner]

D.C. 1, travel gnome 0. [DCist]

Skyland redevelopment inches forward, with raze permits. [WBJ]

Local ANC backs Anacostia RiverFront project. [DC Mud]

Amtrak to test faster trains; rest of developed world still not impressed. [Post]

Today on the market: Brick beauty in LeDroit(ish)

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    we like to call "LeDroit(ish)" something else....

    Bloomingdale. :)

  • Mrs. D

    Glad to see this blog revived. Something to read again...ahhh.

    Not even going to wade in over at the Examiner, but the Nats really need to pony up for the extra service. The Verizon Center puts up the bond, other events put up the bond, but the Nats are too poor to do so? I don't think so. Outside of playoff games (which will undoubtedly sell out, at 40K fans), this happens, what, a couple times a year, at most? The Nats could probably even strike up a conditional deal with Metro. Say, if attendance tops 30K, and the game has not progressed beyond the top of the 9th at 11, they put up the bond for an extra hour, and another hour if the game is still tied at Midnight. Chances are, they wouldn't part with a red cent with a deal like that after the revenues are deducted from the bond, particularly with a World Series contending team that will likely CONTINUE to sell out regular season games for years to come (assuming no bone-headed moves by management).