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Catholic Takes the Lead on Solar

Frustrated solar power advocates in the District should give thanks to Catholic University.

The region that includes D.C. derives just 1.7 percent of its electricity from renewable sources (excluding hydro), less than half the national average, according to the EPA:

But on Friday, Catholic unveiled more than 700 new solar panels. With more than 2,600 panels in total, the university says it has the largest solar array in the D.C. area.

Now, that basilica seems prime for paneling....

  • Lobby Rat

    Where on the CU campus are they? I as there yesterday and somehow missed this.

  • DB

    they're on rooftops but for an array covering a parking lot on Harewood Road.

  • DC Ranger

    It is all about the batteries, guys! Lithium is, literally, being wiped out of this planet without much care or thinking about the future! The resources are very limited. Li-ion batteries don't last long either. Not to mention that the energy output is mediocre at best...only good for LED lights and not for things like HVAC.

  • http://asdgsagdjs Leandro Wayment

    Well said, but everyone needs to understand that adding Solar to their house is an purchase that will improve the long term valuation of their property if / when they choose to sell. With the environment the way it is going we are not able to ignore any solution that gives 100 % free power at no cost to both the consumer and more notably the environment!