Housing Complex

Morning Links

Shakespeare Theater sues over massive rent hike. [DCist]

Will a developer get Maryland to let him build a casino? [WBJ]

Latinos get their own LGBT center. [NewColumbiaHeights]

Density without even noticing. [JUTP]

Urban Sustainable wasn't. [PoP]

D.C. not in the top ten gayborhoods. [AtlanticCities]

Congress getting theatrical again on selling public buildings. [Post]

Walmart bows out of Boston sites after community opposition. [BostonGlobe]

How many people are actually nervous about more housing on Columbia Pike? [Post]

A Miracle Theater coming to Barracks Row. [EMMCA]

The Pentagon sure could use a green roof. [AtlanticCities]

The kids will find a way to buy homes eventually? [NewGeography]

Could the Corcoran merge with George Washington University? [RPUS]

Infilling on the Capital Crescent. [DCMud]

Frederick Douglass may make it into the Capitol, but likely not L'Enfant. [Post]

Today on the market: Spectacular Renovation.

  • TM

    I bet the Pentagon would have the same reaction as I did when I looked into getting a green roof: that shit is fucking expensive. It's like $10 a square foot. That relates to $5,000 to cover a small rowhouse roof with succulents and such. By that site's calculator, it would take 12 years to get my money back. I still would like to do it someday, but it's going to be more of a splurge than a budget conscious move.

  • Name

    A green roof is a waste of time and money unless you have the latter to burn. The payoff is a joke: it won't actually lower your heating bills and for most people it will accelerate roof replacement as they want you to do this before install.

    Get solar and do something productive with your roof.

    And yes, it is a zero sum game.